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Livadia Palace

Livadia Palace is located in Livadiya, Crimea, a few kilometers west of Yalta, in the southern part of Ukraine

In 1860, Alexander II gave the original palace as a present to his wife Maria Alexandrovna, after the death of Alexander II, the Palace was inherited by Nicholas II who ordered the palace to be pulled down and a new one constructed on the site. The new palace was constructed under the supervision of the architect Ippolito Antonovich Monighetti, later Nikolay Krasnov was designated to prepare the final plans of the castle.

After seventeen months of work, the Livadia Palace was inaugurated on the 11 September 1911. The Livadia Palace is built mainly of white Crimean limestone in the Neo-Renaissance style and contains 116 rooms, with interiors furnished in different styles.

Nicholas II spent their summer holidays there before the October Revolution. Later on, it housed a workers' sanatorium; then in February 1945, the Livadia Palace was home of the Yalta Conference where British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Russian Secretary-General Joseph Stalin met to reshape the map of Europe at the end of the World War II.

The room where the conference was held has been preserved as it was in 1945. You can see the English billiard room where crucial documents were signed.

Today the palace houses a museum and the Palace is sometimes used for international summits held by the Ukrainian authorities.

The Livadia Palace Museum
Address: Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Greater Yalta, Livadia village
Telephone: +38 (0654) 315 579

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