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The Nikitsky Botanical Garden

The Nikitsky Botanical Garden or Nikita Botanical Garden is located by the shores of the Black Sea, near the village of Nikita, 6 kilometers from Yalta on the Southern coast of Crimea. It was founded in 1812 by 30-year-old scientist Christian Steven, a Russian botanist of Swedish descent, who was also its first director.

The Nikitsky Botanical Garden is considered the oldest botanical garden in the World.

The area of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden is about 1100 ha (2700 Acres); it comprises more than 30 thousand species, varieties and hybrids of plants from different countries around the world, including rare and endangered species. You will see how stone-pines from Mediterranean area, bamboos from Northern China and oaks from California all grow together in immediate vicinity

Nikitsky Botanical Garden is also a large scientific-research institute; in fact it is part of the Ukraine Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS), the main objectives of the institute are the study of natural flora and vegetation, the collection of gene fund, and the introduction and production of new varieties of plants.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden boasts; besides its natural beauty; the largest herbarium in Europe, the oldest library in Crimea, and an interesting scientific museum.

In 2000, the Ukrainian government gave the Garden the status of National Center of Science. The Nikitsky Botanical Garden is the jewel of Ukraine and a perfect location for nature lovers.

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