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Getting Around Dnipropetrovsk

Getting around Dnipropetrovsk The most common public forms of transport within Dnipropetrovsk are trams, buses, minibuses, electric trolley buses and Marshrutka.

The best way to get around the city is by Minibus, but be sure to know the number of the routes of the buses going to your destination. There is also a useful network of Trams and Marshrutka that go around the city although they do not have the variety of routes as the minibuses do.

Dnipropetrovsk has a metro system, opened in December, 1995, which consists of one line and 6 stations in operation, there are 3 more stations under construction. The line starts at the Central Railway Station in the east and ends at the Komunarivska station in the western part of Dnipropetrovsk city.

The next table shows the operation hours of the distinct transportation means:

Trams and trolleybuses From 5.30 a.m. until 09-11.00 p.m.
Buses and Minibuses From 5.30 a.m. till 11.00-12.00 p.m.
Metro From 5.30 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.

Car Rental
Car Rental is a very convenient method of getting around Dnipropetrovsk; there are many local and international companies to choose from. The use of bicycles and motor scooters is increasing.

Some car rental companies in Dnipropetrovsk

Ms Drive 8/4 Oktyabrskaya St. 785 0839, 314 685
Auto for you 13, Geroev Stalingrada St., office 4 788 8280, 785 8855
Navigrad 74, Gagarina St., Office 31 305 959, 8 050 320 5959
Auto Dnepr 8 067 510 1196,
8 067 625 0180
Euro car 798 2525, 395 959

In addition, there are many taxis available, not too expensive if you know how to negotiate. There are several ways to get a taxi; you can book one over the phone, flagging down in a street, or at cabstands.

Taxi Services in Dnipropetrovsk:

Dnepr Taxi 333 333
Euro Taxi 054
Mini taxi 371 0371
Novoye taxi 321 212
Privat taxi 744 4444
Radio taxi 053
Sv taxi 346 346
Service taxi 059
Slavuta taxi 366 366
Taxi 002
Taxi Lux 360 360
Express taxi 344 000
Elite taxi 351 351

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