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Getting Dnipropetrovsk

Due to its favourable location, Dnipropetrovsk has a well developed transport system. There are three airports in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. The length of railways is 1,580 km, 79 percent of them have been electrified.

Getting Dnipropetrovsk By Air By Air
Dnipropetrovsk has an International Airport which serves both Ukrainian and international daily flights. The airport is located 15 kilometres southeast from Dnipropetrovsk city centre; the airport is also convenient if you are travelling to Zaporizhia.

There are international flight connections with several major European cities such as Kyiv (Aerosvit Airlines, Dniproavia), Tel Aviv (Aerosvit Airlines, Austrian Airlines, El Al), Vienna (Austrian Airlines, Dniproavia, Ukraine International Airlines), Istanbul and Antalya (Turkish Airlines, Dniproavia), Frankfurt (Lufthansa, Aerosvit Airlines, Austrian Airlines), Moscow (Dniproavia, Aerosvit Airlines), Warsaw (Aerosvit Airlines, Austrian Airlines), Frankfurt (Lufthansa, Ukraine International Airlines), Tbilisi (Turkish Airlines, Dniproavia, Aerosvit Airlines), Yerevan (Dniproavia, Austrian Airlines), Riga (Aerosvit Airlines), Odesa and Simferopol (Dniproavia but only in summer)

At the airport there are based offices of major car rental companies.

The next tables gives information of the Airlines that fly to Dnipropetrovsk:

Austrian Airlines Airportcounter, 49042 Dnipropetrovsk, Airport-42 +38 (0563) 779 901
Aerosvit Airlines Dnipropetrovsk, 320042, International Airport +38 (0562) 395 685, 395 687
Ukraine International Airlines 201-203, Kharkivske Road, Kyiv, 02121, Ukraine +38 (0445) 815 050
Lufthansa B. Khmelnitskogo Str. 52, 01030 Kyiv, Ukraine +38 (0444) 903 800
El Al Dnepropetrovsk Airport +38 (0562) 395 622
Turkish Airlines Shevchenko Str. 53A Dnepropetrovsk +38 (0563) 774 730
Dniproavia Airportcounter, 49042 Dnipropetrovsk, Airport-42 +38 (0562) 395 507, 395 313

Getting Dnipropetrovsk By Rail By Rail
As a railway junction, Dnipropetrovsk is well connected by train to all major Ukrainian cities, as well as other cities in the neighbouring countries. There are two daily trains from Kyiv to Dnipropetrovsk (10 hours); other trains come from Moscow, Lviv, Simferopol (7 hours, five daily), Odesa (11½ hours, at least daily), Saint Petersburg, and other places. There is also a high-speed train connecting Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk (6 hours). There are daily elektrichka from Dnipropetrovsk to Kharkiv (4½ hours) and Donetsk (4½ hours).

All the trains are operated by state owned Ukrzaliznytsia which is the Railway Company of Ukraine

There are two railway stations:

Central Railway Station
Address: Petrovsky square
Telephone: 009 or +38 (0562) 364 826

South Station
Address: Lotsmanskaya Street, 2
Telephone: +38 (0562) 478 923, 332 111

Getting Dnipropetrovsk By Bus By Bus
Dnipropetrovsk is home of the largest complex of bus stations in Eastern Ukraine, it is located about 10-minute walk from the city's Central Railway Terminal. There are buses routes to all major Ukrainian cities and there are also available bus routes to some cities of Russia, Poland, Germany, Moldova and Turkey. Most popular routes are to Donetsk (4½ hours, hourly), Zaporizhia (1½ hours, every 15 minutes), and Kyiv (7 to 8 hours), you’ll find also lots of buses to Poltava, Kharkiv, Odesa and Simferopol.

Tickets can be booked at the bus terminal's cash-desks. There are many bus operators being the largest Autolux and Gunsel.

Dnipropetrovsk Central Bus Station
Address: 10 Kurchatova Street
Telephone: 008, +38 (056) 778 4090

Address: 23a Bolshevistskaya Street
Telephone: +38 (0562) 316 563

Address: 10 Kurchatova Street
Telephone: +38 (0562) 31-84-60

Getting Dnipropetrovsk By Boat By Boat
The length of the navigable part of the Dnepr River and its tributaries in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast territory is about 300km. In summer, there are some routes available by ferries on the Dnepr River; as well many tourist ships that go down the Dnepr in its route Kyiv–Kherson–Odesa make a stop in the city.

Getting Dnipropetrovsk By Car By Car
The speed limit in populated areas is 40-60 km/h, out of populated areas is 90 km/h, and on highways is 120 km/h. Roads are not in optimum conditions. It is illegal to drive under influence of drugs including alcohol.

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