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Nightlife in Dnipropetrovsk

Nightlife in Dnipropetrovsk Although Dnipropetrovsk is an industrial city, it has a very enjoyable nightlife; you will find plenty of nightclubs, bars, discos, concert halls, showrooms, and places of entertainment here. Most of the entertainment places are located along the Dnepr River. One of the most popular night activities is go to the park or along the River and drink some beers.

Prices are great for any tourist pocket; beer is really cheap there, and it is of great quality. Vodka is great and economic too. Try Kvass, a beer-like drink produced with brewed bread.

There are few but excellent nightclubs and drinking spots in Dnipropetrovsk, being the most popular M3, Pilot, Reporter, Shamrock Irish Pub, Berlin Club, and L'Orangerie. Labyrinth is one of the largest nightclubs in the city with 3 different music rooms (techno, dance, and pop/rock); it is located in a labyrinth-like building. In the Panorama Bowling Club, you will enjoy playing bowling or billiards accompanied by ladies. There are small casinos where you can play slots for a while.

People in Dnipropetrovsk enjoy opera and ballet, which are performed periodically.

Nightclubs, pubs, bars and entertainment complex in Dnipropetrovsk:

Shamrock Irish Pub 41 Karl Marx Avenue, Dnipropetrovsk +380 562 362 335
Samba House 46, Kirov Avenue +38 (0563) 732 936
L'Orangerie 2, Polovitskaya Street, Dnipropetrovsk 778 3778
Labyrinth 3 Kharkovskaya Street and Hopner Street
Galinka café 2b, Donetsk Motorway +38 (0562) 325 246
Plotina 97, Karl Marx Avenue +38 (0562) 454 219

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