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Getting around Donetsk

Getting around Donetsk The public transportation system in Donetsk is managed by the Dongorpastrans Municipal Company.

Public transportation is cheap, but can also be crowded; the main ways of transportation within Donetsk are trolleybuses, trams, and minibuses. Another method of transportation within the city is taxicab service, taxis are available on every corner of the city and they are reasonably cheap; haggling can be useful here.

The city contains some auto-stations located within the city and its suburbs, they are: Yuzhny (South), Tsentr (Centre), Krytyi rynok (Indoor market), and Putilovsky, Main boulevards are Artyoma, Universitetskaya, Mira and Komunarov.

There is a Metro System under construction, it is planned to be operational by 2012, when completed the Donetsk Metro will consist of 3 lines and 22 stations.

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