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Donetsk has several sights, some of them are:

Donetsk Opera & Ballet Theatre Donetsk Opera & Ballet Theatre
The Donetsk Opera & Ballet Theatre is a real treasure; the Theatre hosts world class productions and performances by renowned artist, legendary opera and ballet stars such as Ivan Kozlovsky, Pavel Lisitsian, Evgeniya Miroshnichenko, Nina Ananiashvili, and Anastasia Volochkova have performed in the Theatre. Since 1994, the yearly "The stars of the World's ballet” festival is hosted there.

Famous opera singers such as Anatoli Solovyanenko and Yuri Guljaev and ballet dancers like Vadim Pisarev and Inna Dorofeeva have received training in the Donetsk Academic State Opera and Ballet House.

The architectural magnificence of the Theatre made the building rank among the key attractions throughout Ukraine. Inside the Theatre you can admire the 976-seat auditorium and hall which are splendidly decorated with stucco moulding, the total area of the main stage is 560 square meters.

Additionally, its choral ensemble is recognized as the best choir in Ukraine.

Donetsk Opera & Ballet Theatre
82, Artyoma Street
+38 (0622) 338 0969

Philharmonic Concert Hall Philharmonic Concert Hall
The Donetsk Philharmonic Society is the centre of the artistic life in Donetsk; it is represented by the symphonic orchestra which bears the name of the famous Ukrainian composer Sergei Prokofiev, the chamber orchestra Viola, the string quartet and wind quartet, the ensemble of folk instruments Melody, and the jazz group.

The Donetsk Philharmonic Concert Hall hosts classic music performances of extraordinary quality; maybe, the major highlight of the Philharmonic Concert Hall is the concert organ which P.I. Tchaikovsky played when he was student in St. Petersburg’s conservatory.

Philharmonic Concert Hall
Address: 117 Postysheva Street, Donetsk
Telephone: +38 (0623) 357 154

Art Museum Art Museum
The Museum was established on September 23, 1939 as a Museum of Fine Arts.

The Donetsk Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in Ukraine, the Museum has collected above 12 thousands works of painting, graphic arts, sculpture, decorative, and applied art. Here you will find authentic works of art by outstanding Ukrainian, Russian, and foreign artists. One of the highlights of the museum is its collection of works of Donetsk artists. The Museum organizes excursions, creative meetings with artists, art courses for children, and other cultural events.

The museum was awarded with the “Golden Scythian” for the contribution in the development of the regional culture.

Art Museum
Address: 35 Pushkin Blvd, Donetsk 83055
Telephone: +38 (0623) 048 303

Artema Street Artema Street
Artema (or Artem) Street is one of the main attractions in Donetsk, this long street features chick boutiques, good restaurants, classy hotels, administrative buildings, green areas, and historical sites, such as the Opera and Ballet Theatre, Lenin Square, the monument dedicated to Artem at the intersection of Artema and Mira streets; you can see also the Shakhtar monument in memory of all the Ukraine’s coal miners, considered Donetsk’s heroes. Artema Street was named in honour of the Soviet leader Fedor Andreevich Sergeev (Artem).

Soledar Salt Mine Soledar Salt Mine
The Soledar Salt Mine is a complex of 300 meters under the ground galleries and chambers of salt mines which are also used as a speleological health-improvement sanatorium; Bronchial asthma, lung inflammation, hypersensitivity and other diseases are effectively treated there. The salt mine chamber is also the place where is held the "Salt Symphony" Festival where the Donbass Symphony Orchestra performs classical compositions. The Soledar Salt Mine is located in the small town of the same name about 100 kilometres from the town of Donetsk; you can take a taxi or a Marshrutka from the Donetsk bus station (travel time is about 35 minutes). Soledar means "a gift of salt" in Russian.

Tsar Cannon Tsar Cannon
The Tsar Cannon of Donetsk is an exact replica of the Tsar Cannon that stands in the Kremlin in Moscow; it is located on Artyoma Street near the Donetsk city administration building. The Tsar Cannon of Donetsk was made in the Russian city of Izhevsk in 2001 and was given to the people of Donetsk as a symbol of friendship. The weight of the cannon is around 42 tonnes, each wheel weighs about 1.5 tonnes and the kernel weighs 1.2 tons.

Forged Figures Park Forged Figures Park
Forging is a tradition deeply rooted in Donetsk. The Forged Figures Park houses sculptures of wrought iron by artist from all parts of the world. The park is located in the back of the Municipality and was established thanks to Victor Burduk, a master of decorative and applied arts. Every year the Forged Figures Park hosts the "The Festival of the Smith art", a Blacksmithing meeting attracting blacksmiths from all over the world. In winter, the view of the sculptures in the garden is very beautiful.

The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
The Cathedral was named after the Christian holiday of the transfiguration celebrated every August 19th. The construction of the Cathedral began in 1883, initially it was a wooden temple which was consecrated in 1886; the original Cathedral was completely destroyed in 1933 during the anti-religion campaign in the Soviet Period. In 1992, local authorities of Donetsk decided the construction of a new Cathedral; construction started in 1997 and opened finally in 2006. In 2002, Kyiv authorities gave a bronze statue to Archangel Michael; nowadays, the statue is located at the entrance of the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral.

The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
Address: 129v Artyoma Str.

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