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Shopping in Donetsk As one of the most prosperous Ukrainian cities, Donetsk has lots of shopping opportunities, purchasers won’t be disappointed here.

Artyoma Street, as one of the main street in Donetsk, is also a big shopping area; you will find a wide range of different shops and stores offering souvenirs, clothes, books, shoes, and the world-famous Matryoshka dolls, among other things to buy. Ilycha Street is a nice shopping spot, it is just off Artema Street; this street is a pleasant area to walk filled with lots of high fashion boutiques with designer labels.

Zolotoe Koltso Shopping Mall has over 50 fine stores and boutiques of both national and world fashion trademarks, you can find goods such as clothing, shoes, jewellery, perfumery, gifts, souvenirs, computers, cell phones, and many more.

Central Department Store was opened in 1937; there is a wide range of things you can shop there since clothes, shoes, jewellery, electronics, to household equipment; credit cards are widely accepted.

You can be satisfied after a visit to the Donetsk City Shopping Mall, there are more than 100 different shops selling clothes, books, goods, gifts, souvenirs, jewellery, and many more. In addition there are lots of entertainment places, tourist agencies, bank departments, restaurants, and more.

Some shopping options in Donetsk:

Donetsk City Shopping Mall 130 Artema Str. +38 (0622) 066 100
Central Department Store 34 Artyoma Str. Donetsk 83086 +38 (0623) 041 267
Zolotoe Koltso Shopping Mall 2 Pavshih Kommunarov Ave., Donetsk 83086 +38 (0623) 455 222

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