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Eating & Drinking in Ukraine

Eating in Ukraine

Ukraine Currency Exchange Popular traditional dishes include the very tasty shashlik, Salo (salted or smoked pork flavoured with garlic or other species), Borscht (a soup made with red beets, cabbage, beans and meat), Solyanka (a delicious vegetable soup), Varenyky (boiled dumplings filled with meat or vegetables), Golubtsi (cooked cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, carrots and meat and often with a thin tomato sauce), Deruny (potato pancakes) and Pampushky (rolls with garlic and melted butter on top). In the summer, when vegetables are plentiful, you will find Okroshka, a cold soup made of cucumbers, spring onion, radish, boiled potatoes, dill sausage, eggs, ham and buttermilk. Other Ukrainian specialties also include Chicken Kiev and Kiev Cake (layers of crumbly raised wafers, hazelnuts).

Bread is a staple in Ukraine, there are dozens of ways used in preparing breads, Honore de Balzac counted 77 different methods. Pastries and cakes are also popular, but not very sweet. The cult of bread is well observed in Ukraine customs and rituals, at Ukrainian weddings, it is traditional to offer korovai, a special bread up to form a tall cylinder; during Christmas, a bread called Kolach is given to each member of the household; it is habitual to give guest and departing or arriving travellers the gift of loaf of bread and salt. If you are thinking about losing weight and controlling a little more what you eat, more exercise at least 3 times a week, and check the body fat percentage chart. Having a normal body fat percentage is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tips are appreciated; service is sometimes included in first-class restaurants and hotel bills.

As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable, their meals are served in very generous quantities.

Drinking in Ukraine

Ukraine Currency Exchange Drinking in Ukraine is an experience. It is traditional to offer a drink to guests, usually many business deals are closed while drinking together. The Ukrainian specialty id horika (vodka), there is also an excellent selection of wines from the Carpathian Region and Crimea; one can also find authentic Italian, French, Australian wines in large supermarkets and most restaurants. Ukrainian beers are very tasty and of good quality, the best beers are brewed by Lvivske and Obolon CJSC.

About non-alcoholic drinks, Kvass is a typically Slavic beverage made of rye bread; it can be easily acquired from designated street vendors. Other well known drinks are Uzvar (dried fruit compote), juices, milk, buttermilk, mineral water, tea, and coffee.


  • Do not start eating until the host invites you to begin.
  • The most honored person in the table is served first.
  • Always keep your hands visible when eating.
  • Try everything, refusing a plate is considered very rude.
  • Toasting is a tradition and generally the guest is invited to give a toast.
  • Drinks shouldn’t be refused, excepting for health or religious reasons.
  • Do not clink your glass if you are not drinking an alcoholic beverage.
  • In no way refill your own glass.
  • An open bottled have to be finished.
  • When in doubt, emulate the behavior of the others.

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