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There are many sights worth to look at in Kharkiv, here are some of them:

The Gosprom The Gosprom
The Gosprom (Derzhprom), known also as the House of State Industry or Palace of Industry, is located in Freedom Square, it is considered an unique architectural monument consisting of a group of concrete and glass blocks connected by passages running on different levels; the complex occupies an area of 11,000 square meters and was erected in the period 1925-1928 when Kharkiv was the capital of the Ukrainian SSR, in the 1920s the Gosprom became the tallest structure in Europe. The Gosprom was the first high-altitude Ferro-concrete building in Ukraine, thanks to it, the structure survived the different destruction attempts suffered during the Second World War.

Freedom Square Freedom Square
Freedom Square (Ploshcha Svobody) is the largest square in Ukraine and the third largest in Europe. The square is approximately 750 meters long and 125 meters wide, it was used to land planes during World War II. Originally named Dzerzhinsky Square, it was renamed after the declaration of the Ukrainian independence. Nowadays, Freedom Square hosts carnivals, live music concerts, fairs, rallies, meetings, and other events. The central part of the square is occupied by the Gosprom, the Military University, and the building of the Kharkiv National University named after Vasiliy Karazin. A monument to the University founder V. Karazin is located nearby on the side of the Shevchenko City Garden. There is also a monument to Lenin in the square.

Taras Shevchenko Gardens Taras Shevchenko Gardens
The Shevchenko Gardens, located just south of Ploshcha Svobody, is the oldest green-area in Kharkiv (it was planted in the early 1800s); the Shevchenko Gardens occupies an area of 25 hectares with over 15,000 trees and bushes of more than 100 species. There is a beautiful chestnut tree alley leading from the Lenin Statue to the Taras Shevchenko Monument. On the grounds of the Shevchenko Gardens there is the astronomical observatory of the Kharkiv National University where astronomers study solar processes, monitor planets of the Solar system and satellites. Additionally, there is a Cinema and Concert Hall “Ukraina” famous for its excellent acoustics.

The Pokrovsky Cathedral The Pokrovsky Cathedral
The Pokrovsky (Protection of the Virgin) Cathedral, built in 1689, is the most ancient religious building in Kharkiv and part of the Svyato-Pokrovsky Monastery. The Cathedral is a typical three-domed church being their gleaming domes visible from miles away. The Pokrovsky Cathedral was heavily damaged during the World War II; fortunately it was restored in early 1990s. The Cathedral is located west of the Constitution Square and is almost always open for services. Its external decoration has elements of Russian architecture giving evidence of the confluence of the Russian and Ukrainian cultures.

Taras Shevchenko Monument Taras Shevchenko Monument
Located in front of the Shevchenko Park, the monument of the great Taras Shevchenko was erected in 1935, the monument is crowned by the bronze sculpture of the poet, known as the Kobzar and sixteen figures representing heroes of Shevchenko’s literary verses are mounted on the helical projections interlacing the platform of the Monument. The authors of this magnificent and unique work of art are the outstanding Soviet sculptor M. G. Manizer and the Doctor of Architecture I. G. Langbard.

The Uspensky Cathedral The Uspensky Cathedral
The Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral is located in the central part of the University Hill. The Cathedral was built in 1771-1777 in the Russian Baroque style; it was designed after the Saint Clement Church in Moscow. In 1844, a bell tower designed by architect Y. Vasilyev was raised to celebrate the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon forces. The 19th-century bell tower of the Cathedral is the tallest building in Kharkiv rising 89.5 meters tall. Now, the Cathedral serves as a concert hall where you may listen to prominent performers of chamber and organ music, thanks to its good acoustics.

Blagoveschensky Cathedral Blagoveschensky Cathedral
Blagoveschensky (Annunciation) Cathedral is one of the symbols of Kharkiv; it was built from 1888 to 1901 by architect M. Lovtsov and opened as a Russian Orthodox cathedral. It is the biggest active church in Kharkiv with a capacity for 4,000 people. The design of Blagoveschensky Cathedral combines a five-dome cathedral of Russian and Byzantine style with a tall bell tower (75 m high) adjoined to it. The Cathedral is well-known by its polychromatic facade made of horizontal lines of brickwork alternating with plastered strips, resembling ancient Byzantine buildings. The interior of the Cathedral is beautifully decorated with 29 splendid icons painted by A. Danylevsky and M. Mykhailov.

Mirror Stream Mirror Stream
Mirror Stream, also known as Glassy Stream is a fundamental part of the cityscape of Kharkiv. It is a preferred meeting point of couples, it is said that lovers who kiss here will have a happy life together. It is located on Victory Square, across from the Opera House, and was built as the Victory Monument in 1947 to commemorate the Soviets’ Victory in the World War II, but a romantic legend says that a lover constructed the fountain in honour of his beloved.

Militia Museum Militia Museum
The Militia Museum is dedicated to remember all the Kharkiv police officers. The museums houses fake foreign banknotes and papers, self-made armaments apprehended from criminal offenders, even an official helmet of an English policeman. There is a monument dedicated to the police, it was set up in 1995 and is the place where Kharkiv police commemorate the Police Day.

Militia Museum
Address: 13, Sovnarkomivska St., Kharkiv, 61002
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