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Kharkiv is one of the largest transportation centres in Ukraine thanks to its excellent location, close to the largest industrial centres in Ukraine and Russia. Kharkiv has a well developed network of transportation facilities: Kharkiv has a major airport, is the largest rail junction in Ukraine, Kharkiv is also a major node of the Ukraine-Russia highway system, with highways to Moscow, to Kyiv, to Crimea, to the Caucasus, among other destinations.

Getting Kharkiv By Air By Air
Kharkiv is connected by air with the major cities of Ukraine, Russia, and other states by the Kharkiv International Airport (HRK) which was only recently granted international status. There are regular flights to Kyiv, Moscow, Tbilisi, Vienna, Istanbul, Tbilisi, and other destinations. The airport is located within the boundaries, south from the city centre, and only 12.5 kilometres from town.

The Kharkiv North Airport is a factory airfield located 4km north of Kharkiv; it was an important production complex for Tupolev Aerospace Company.

Kharkiv International Airport
Address: 1 Romashkina Str, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61031
Telephone: +38 (0572) 544 820, 544 817, 143 921

The next tables gives information of the Airlines that fly to Kharkiv:

Departure Place
Aerosvit Airlines Borispol International Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine
Austrian Airlines Vienna, Austria
Dniproavia Borispol International Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine
Georgian Airways Batumi and Tbilisi, Georgia
Euroline Tbilisi, Georgia
Sky Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia
TAM Air Tbilisi, Georgia
UTair Vnukovo International Airport, Moscow, Russia
Wind Rose Aviation Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

Aerosvit Airlines 7, Svobody Sqr, Kharkiv 61022 +38 (0577) 195 370
Austrian Airlines Kharkiv International Airport, 1 Romashkina Str, 61031 8 800 3000 492 or
+38 (0572) 148 951
Georgian Airways 22-a Rustaveli Str, 01001 Kyiv +38 (0442) 872 356
TAM Air 181 B. Khmelnitsky Street, Tbilisi, 0136, Georgia +99 (532) 707 715
Wind Rose Aviation First floor, Boryspil Airport, terminal B, Kyiv +38 (0445) 916 963
Dniproavia +38 (0562) 395 311
Euroline +38 (0935) 464 545
Sky Georgia +38 (0974) 543 344
UTair 8-800-100-08-08

Getting Kharkiv By Rail By Rail
Travel by train is cheaper than by airplane to reach Kharkiv. The main station is Pivdenny Vokzal (South railway station) which is located close to city centre and has daily trains to all major cities and towns in Ukraine, for example, the Express Train departs at 7.05 a.m. and 4.27 p.m. to Kyiv, and travel time is about 6 hours. There are also 6 regular trains to Donetsk (6 to 8 hours); there is a express elektrichka to Dnipropetrovsk (4½ hours) along with a number of regular trains (six hours). Other popular destinations to reach Kharkiv are: Moscow (11½ hours, numerous each day), Odessa (14 hours, two each day) and Simferopol (17 hours, at least daily).

The first railway connection was opened in 1869; Kharkiv passenger railway station was renovated and expanded in 1901, unfortunately was destroyed in the World War II; the new railway station was built in 1952.

Pivdenny Vokzal
Telephone: +38 (0577) 244 183

Getting Kharkiv By Bus By Bus
Buses go to numerous cities from the Central Bus Station; some of these destinations are Poltava (2½ hours, at least eight trips a day), Dnipropetrovsk (4½ hours, 20 buses a day) and Zaporizhzhya (6½ hours, at least two a day). Many companies have coaches from Kyiv to Kharkiv; travel time is about 7 hours. Autolux and Gunsel have overnight bus services to Kyiv. Kharkiv has 290 bus routes between suburban and intercity bus lines.

Kharkiv Central Bus Station
Address: Gagarina Avenue, 22
Telephone: +38 (0577) 326 502

Address: Gagarina Avenue, 22
Telephone: +38 (0577) 325 471

Address: Gagarina Avenue, 7
Telephone: +38 (0577) 199 719

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