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Shopping in Kharkiv The city of Kharkiv is an excellent location to search and buy interesting goods. There are many multilingual seasonal fairs where you can buy exotic traditional handicrafts. There are numerous modern shopping malls and plazas too.

Barbashoya, is possibly, the largest outdoor market in Europe, it is located in northeast part of Kharkiv. You will find here lots of goods being sold by people from many nationalities. Here you can buy almost whatever you want to fair prices: food, all kinds of brand-name clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, and other fancy items. Be careful to buy, there are lots of fake goods being sold. You will find also lots of stalls and little shops surrounding Barbashoya.

Workday in most shops usually begins at 9.00 a.m. and finishes at 07.00-08.00 p.m., with dinner break at 01.00-02.00 p.m. or 02.00-03.00 p.m., generally stores close on Mondays.

You can buy beautiful works of art at Sumskaya Street; famous shops on this street include Maestro Gallery, San Marco, and Dibrera.

Shops in Kharkiv:

Maestro Gallery 25 Sumskaya Street, Kharkiv 61057
San Marco 53 Sumskaya Street, Kharkiv +38 (0577) 143 020
Accessori 19 Sumska St., Kharkiv 0444 682 631
Dibrera 84 Sumskaya Street, Kharkiv +38 (0577) 142 198
Baldinini 124 Sumskaya Street, Kharkiv +38 (0577) 005 503
Liu Jo 73 Sumskaya Street, Kharkiv +38 (0577) 204 292
Mariella Burani 122 Sumskaya Street, Kharkiv +38 (0577) 179 584
Vostok Creative Shop 20-A Plechanovskaya Street

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