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It is easy to get im Kyiv, the city has a excellent transportation system, let's see some way to reach the beautiful Kyiv.

gerring Ukraine BY AIR By Air
You can fly to Kyiv via many European airports with a number of different airlines. Aeroflot, AirBaltic, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Delta, Estonian Air, KLM, Lufthansa, and other airlines have scheduled flights to Boryspil International Airport. You can fly to Kyiv from London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Paris, as well as from Eastern destinations such as Moscow, Warsaw, Vienna, Riga, and Prague. There are also a number of intercontinental flights.

There are two main airports in Kyiv, Boryspil International Airport (KBP) and Kiev-Zhulyany International Airport (IEV).

The nearest international airport is the Boryspil International Airport which is located about 40 minutes from the city centre by taxi. Boryspil is the most modern airport in Ukraine. This operates mainly international flights, receiving regular international flights. Buses run every 20 or 30 minutes to Kyiv's central train station.

Kiev-Zhulyany International Airport is located about 20 minutes from the city centre in the Zhuliany neighbourhood. This operates mainly domestic flights connecting all major cities of Ukraine such as Lviv, Donetsk, Sebastopol and others.

Ukraine has two flag carrier airlines, Ukraine International Airlines and Aerosvit; these airlines have daily flights to major European cities. Other commercial and charter airlines are Ukrainian - Mediterranean Airlines, Aerostar Airlines, Aero Charter and Wind Rose Aviation.

More Information:

Ukraine International Airlines 201-203, Kharkivske Road, Kyiv, 02121, Ukraine +380 (44) 581-5656
AeroSvit Ukraine Airport, Boryspyl-7, Kyiv, 08307 +380 (44) 490-3490
Kiev-Zhulyany International Airport 8 kilometers from the Kyivís downtown +380 (44) 241-2001
Boryspil International Airport +380 (44) 490-4777
Ukrainian - Mediterranean Airlines Kiev, 7 Shulyavskaya Street +380 (44) 238-2002
Aerostar Airlines +380 (44) 490-9232
Aero Charter 23, Klimenko Str., 03110, Kiev, Ukraine +380 (44) 207-0826
Wind Rose Aviation Office 134, 50/38Voloska St., Kyiv, 04070 Ukraine +380 (44) 492-9787

gerring Ukraine by rail By Rail
The least expensive and most comfortable way to travel to and from Kyiv is by train, it is much cheaper than air travel. Kyiv is linked to a number of European and Asian cities by the use of an extensive network of railways. Trains arrive and depart from cities such as Berlin, Chisinau, Krakow, Vienna, Zagreb, Budapest, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Belgrade, and of course, most Ukrainian cities are accessible from here too.

Kiev Passenger Railway Station (Kyiv-Passazhyrskyi Railway Station) is located close to city centre near the Vokzalna metro station. If you intend on buy an international ticket at the station you must bring your passport with you.

Trains offers three types of compartment for long distance train travel:
  • Luxury-soft compartments with 2 berths for more space.
  • Coupe-soft compartments with 4 berths.
  • Platskart, a carriage with 6 berths per compartment.
There are electric commuter trains called Elektrichka aimed at suburban trips, tickets are cheap, though travel is uncomfortable, they are generally very crowded, specially in the summertime, and are generally equipped with hard wooden benches and no amenities.

gerring Ukraine by bus By Bus
Buses provide a cheap way to travel around Kyiv, the travel by bus is recommendable for short distances but for longer rides it is better to take a train or plane. There are charter buses to Kyiv from several European cities, Kyiv is a fail old distance from the rest of European capitals

There are seven bus terminals in Kyiv being the most important the Central Bus Station which is located at the Moskovska Square, close to the metro station Lybidska. Tickets can be purchased at bus stops or from a controller on the bus. If you do not buy your ticket and are caught, you will be charged with a fine. Additionally, if you plan to stay for a longer time you can buy a monthly pass and use it as many times as you want.

There are also private minibus companies that offer faster and more comfortable trips, the cost is higher of course.

gerring Ukraine by car By Car
Driving by Ukraine is not a problem if you have your documentation in order and with you, a valid international driverís license is necessary to drive in Ukraine. Although the road system in Ukraine provides access to all cities, towns and most villages, most of the roads are in generally poor condition.

Driving between cities at night and in the winter can be particularly dangerous. Drive defensively is recommended. Four wheel drive vehicles provide the best handling. One should always travel with food, water and ample fuel necessary to arrive at the planned destination. Kyiv has a few car rental agencies, some hotels also give out car for hire. Parking can be a problem in the Kyivís city centre.

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