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Nightlife in Kyiv

Kyiv is a party-goers paradise, there is a fantastic entertainment scene in Kyiv ready to suit all tastes, you are welcome to choose from the wide variety of nightclubs, casinos, vodka bars, cinemas, discos, pubs, and strip clubs that have proliferated after the Post-Soviet Era.

Night venues range from cheap to very expensive. Most nightclubs open at 10 or 11 pm, the opening hours are long and alcohol is relatively cheap for European standards. There are usually food venues near so you can fill your stomach before all night drinking and dancing.

Khreschatyk has a great concentration of restaurants, bars, beer halls and cafes.

The Drum (Baraban) is a good bar with very reasonable prices. The Marocana Fashion Cafť is a Moroccan-style bar; stay late to enjoy a traditional Moroccan breakfast. The Wall is a bar very popular with expatriates and young locals. There are also many popular Irish pubs, such as O'Brienís and Golden Gate Irish Pub, which has the largest selection of draught beer in Kyiv. If you are looking for an authentic Ukrainian Beer Tavern, try Shato and Violaís Bierstube, both serve excellent brews in a very friendly environment.

If you want to explore the hedonist side of the Ukrainian nightlife head down to the likes of Privilege, Faberge, Decadence House, Bumerang, PaTiPa, or Arena. Another popular nightclub is Maximym, it features restaurant, casino, bowling, striptease bar, dance floor, and billiards, so almost anything to satisfy you.

Sound Planet is one of the favorites for lovers of dance music. Art Club 44 offers excellent live music shows attracting massive young crowds, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.One of the best places for live music is Docker Pub. Kyiv has great jazz and blues musicians, they play mostly in Swing. The Kyivís only Latin American club is the Caribbean Club where you can take dance classes. Tsar Project is expensive and pretentious, beware of the face control.

The Androgyne is a gay club famous for its unusual performances and special attention for each visitor

If you have not money, you even can buy some drinks from the kiosk and swig it on the streets with the locals

The next is a short list of venues to go in Kyiv:

Baraban Prorizna 4A +380 (44) 279-2355
Marocana Fashion Cafť 24 Lesi Ykrainky blvd. +380 (44) 254-4999
The Wall Bessarabsíka Pl. 2, Kyiv +380 (44) 235-8045
Violaís Bierstube T.Shevchenka Bulív. 1A, Kyiv +380 (44) 235-3751
Swing Dance Club 11 Vladimirskaya Street +380 (44) 229-2865
Docker Pub Bohatyrsíka 9, Kyiv +380 (44) 451-8528
O'Brienís Mykhailivsíka 17A, Kyiv +380 (44) 279-1584
Golden Gate Irish Pub Zolotovoritsíka 15, Kyiv +380 (44) 235-5188
Caribbean Club 4 Komminterna Street +380 (44) 244-4290
Art Club 44 44 Khreschatyk +380 (44) 279-4137
Shato Khreschatyk 24 +380 (44) 279-3704
Maximym 12/37 Dekabristov Street +380 (44) 562-6262
Decadence House 16 Shota Rustaveli Street +380 (44) 206-4920
Arena Arena Entertainment Complex, Baseinaia Street, 2A +380 (44) 492-0000
Privilege Parkovaya alleya, 2 (Green Theatre) +380 (44) 451-6790
Bumerang 14 Radanskoy Ukraini Street +380 (44) 434-4177
Androgyne 26/2 Garmatnaya Street +380 (44) 496-1983
Tsar Project Grushevskogo 1-v Street +380 (44) 279-0000
PaTiPa 10 Muzeyny Lane +380 (44) 253-0150
Faberge 22 Rybalska +380 (44) 501 7979
Shooters Moskovskaya 22 Street +380 (44) 254-2024

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