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Luhansk Travel Guide

Luhansk also known as Lugansk or Luhans'k is a city located in south-eastern Ukraine about 900 km to the east from Kyiv, it is also the administrative centre and the capital of the Luhansk Oblast. The city is part of the Donets Basin and lies at the confluence of the Luhan (Lugan) and Vilkhivka (Olkhovaya) rivers.

Luhansk ranks among the most industrialized regions of Ukraine, the major branch of industry in the city is heavy engineering; its most important industries are machine building and metal-working. Spare parts for motor vehicles, steel tubes, coal-mining equipment, and precision instruments are made there. Luhansk is also the home of a major diesel-locomotive building enterprise. The energy to run the industries is supplied by the Luhansk Power Station. There are also wood and timber-working industries in Luhansk.

Apart from its industry, Luhansk is also recognized as an important cultural and educational centre. The cultural facilities of the city include several Drama Theatres, a Philharmonic Society, and numerous Museums including the Museum of Regional Studies and an Art Museum, as well as a Puppet Theatre.

The most renowned institutions of higher education of Luhansk include the East-Ukrainian National University, Shevchenko State Pedagogical University, State Agricultural University, and State Medical University. There are also dozens of technical, vocational and secondary schools in the city.

There are a lot of different attractions to visit in Luhansk such as the Chernobyl Memorial, St. Peter and St. Paul's Cathedral, Heroes Square, Cannon of Luhansk, Charles Gascoigne Monument, Revolution Fighters Square, the house of Dal's birth, Derkul horse factory, Mergeleva Ridge, among many others.

Climate in Luhansk is temperate continental. Summer is hot, with an average temperature on 22ºC in July; winter is cold, with an average temperature of -7ºC in January.

Most people speak Russian in Luhansk Oblast, although ethnic Ukrainians constitute the majority of the population.

Luhansk is the birth place of the famous Russian lexicographer Vladimir Dal and the mixed martial arts champion Fedor Emelianenko.

Finally, Luhansk is home to the Ukrainian Premier League team FC Zorya Luhansk.

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