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Culture in Luhansk

Culture in Luhansk Luhansk is an important cultural centre in south-eastern Ukraine; there are 23 culture houses and clubs as well as 2 palaces of culture. The Luhansk Oblast Philharmonic Society which has philharmonic orchestra and chamber instrumental ensemble organizes public lectures of music.

Luhansk has 3 professional theatres: Luhansk Oblast Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater (opened in 1944), Luhansk Oblast Russian Drama Theater (opened in 1939) and Luhansk State Regional Theatre of Puppets. There is also Emotional Theater of Youth (YETL) and the Variety Theater of Alexander Belyaev.

Luhansk is blessed with more than 50 mass libraries, the most important libraries in the region are: Regional Library for Children, Regional Library for Youth, and the Gorky Universal Scientific Library.

Theatres in Luhansk

Luhansk Oblast Russian Drama Theater 3, Kotsyubinskogo St., Luhansk (0642) 536 303
Luhansk Oblast Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater 33, Oboronnaya St., Luhansk (0642) 566 035
Luhansk Oblast Philharmonic (Musical) Theater 23, Lenina St., Luhansk (0642) 523 121
Emotional Theater of Youth 2, Roza Luxemburg St., Luhansk (0642) 525 439
Variety Theater of Alexander Belyaev 30a, Prirechnaya St., Luhansk (0642) 956 525

There are many Museums where you may get more information about this interesting city:

Luhansk Fine Art Museum 2, Pochtovaya St., Luhansk (0642) 522 363
Luhansk Oblast Fine Art Museum 3, Pochtovaya St., Luhansk (0642) 931 107
Private Museum of History 41, Shevchenko St., Luhansk (0642) 340 035
Gallery of Arts 40, Saint Entien St., Luhansk (0642) 525 082
Museum of Aviation Ostrayay Mogila St., Luhansk (0642) 427 774
Luhansk Oblast Museum of Local History 2, Shevchenko St., Luhansk (0642) 551 252
Museum of History and Culture of Luhansk 30, Karl Marx St., Luhansk (0642) 522 079
Museum “Luhansk Nature Reserve” 95, Pogranichnaya St., Luhansk (0642) 53-31-62
Vladimir Dal’ Museum 12, Vladimira Dalya St., Luhansk (0642) 52-41-55
Appartment-Museum of Titov 18/62, Gaevogo St., Luhansk

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