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Getting Luhansk

Luhansk has a well developed transportation network; it is well connected with the rest of Ukraine, and with the northern, central and southern regions of Russia. You can drive from Kyiv to Luhansk along M04 highway called Kiev-Rostov.

Getting Luhansk By Air By Air
There are direct flights from Kiev (Boryspil International Airport, 29 km east of Kyiv) to Luhansk (Luhansk International Airport) and back, the flights to Luhansk are on week days (except weekends), airlines operating this route are Dniproavia and Lugansk Airlines. There are direct flights from/to Moscow (Vnukovo International Airport), airlines serving this route are Euroline and UTair Aviation. There are also charter flights to the Turkish city, Antalya from Luhansk, the flights are serviced by UM Airlines

Luhansk International Airport has a B class runway 2.840 meters long and 45 m wide. Maximum take-off weight of planes is 100 tons.

More Information:

Luhansk International Airport Luhansk, Ukraine, 91039 +380 (64) 258 1536,
+380 (64) 253 7269
Boryspil International Airport +38 (044) 490-47-77
Vnukovo International Airport 28 km southwest from the centre of Moscow 436-28-13
Lugansk Airlines +380 (64) 255 1651,
+380 (64) 253 8232
Ukrainian - Mediterranean Airlines (UM Airlines) Kyiv, 7 Shulyavskaya Street +380 (44) 238 2002
Dniproavia +380 (56) 239 5311
UTair Aviation +7 (3462) 770-369
Euroline International airport Tbilisi, 0158, Georgia, Tbilisi +995 (32) 433236

Getting Luhansk By Rail By Rail
Luhansk is part of a well-developed railway system so travelling by train is a great way to go from Kyiv to Luhansk, the view across the vast Eurasian steppe is unforgettable, you will also meet some Ukrainian people, sharing is very recommended, if you bring some food.

There are a number of everyday trains departing from Kyiv to the Luhansk Railway Station. Trains take about 18 hours to arrive from Kyiv to Luhansk; most trains leave Kyiv in the early evening and arrive to Luhansk the next morning. It is better to buy seats in the First Class sleeping car, if possible.

A few Russian trains pass through this way but tend to go through Donetsk as well.

Luhansk Train Station
Address: 6 V. Pyatyorkina Ulitsa (Pyatyorkina Street), Luhansk, 91000
Telephone: +380 (642) 521 087 or (642) 524 037

Getting Luhansk By Bus By Bus
Luhansk is easily reachable by bus, although travel by train is more comfortable. There are buses from almost every important Ukrainian City including Kyiv, direct buses takes about 16 hours to reach Luhansk from Kyiv. You can also take a bus from Kyiv to Kharkiv (located 350 km north of Luhansk) then you can take a regular bus to Luhansk. Additionally, there are good buses from Luhansk to Donetsk, travel time is around 2 hours.

Luhansk Bus Terminal
Address: 28 Oboronnaya Ulitsa
Telephone: +380 (64) 250 7134

Autolux Bus Company
Address: 30 Chistyakovskaya Street, Kyiv
Telephone: +380 (44) 536 0055

Distances from Luhansk to:

Cherkasy Cherkasy 733
Chernihiv Chernihiv 907
Dnepropetrovsk Dnepropetrovsk 411
Donetsk Donetsk 148
Kharkiv Kharkiv 331
Kherson Kherson 720
Kiev Kiev 905
Kirovograd Kirovograd 658
Melitopol Zaporizhia 458
Mykolaiv Mykolaiv 786
Odessa Odessa 919
Poltava Poltava 482
Simferopol Crimea 649
Sumy Sumy 516
Zaporizhia Zaporizhia 366

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