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Lviv Travel Guide

Lviv Travel Guide

Lviv (also spelled Lviv, Lvov, and Lemberg), located in Western Ukraine, is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe and one of the most important cultural centres of Ukraine, the city is home of the Lviv University which was founded in the 17th century by the Polish King John II Casimir of Poland (Jan II Kazimierz Waza).

Lviv also boasts a number of theatres, art galleries and museums (there are more than 30) being the most notable the National Museum and Gallery of Lviv, the Pharmacy Museum, and the Museum of Religion. The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet host world-class performances. The Philharmonic Orchestra is also a real cultural treat.

Lviv is the most Ukrainian region of the independent Ukraine. Lviv is also a major industrial centre; manufacturing includes electronic equipment, cars, agricultural machines, motor vehicles, chemicals, processed food and textiles.

In November 1998 the historic city centre of Lviv (Lviv's Old Town) was officially included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it has beautiful attractions including the Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok) with its Black House, the Armenian Cathedral, the St. George's Cathedral, the Latin Cathedral, the Church of Body of Christ of the Dominican Order, the Dominican Abbey and the Chapel of Boim family.

The architectural landscape of Lviv joins different epochs and numerous styles, examples of gothic (Latin Cathedral), baroque-rococo (St. George's Cathedral), mannerism (Bernardine church and monastery), renaissance (The Chapel of Boimes) coexist en perfect communion giving the City its unique beauty.

Other interesting attractions are the ancient buildings situated around Lviv such as Olesko Castle, Pomoriany Castle and Pidhirtsi Castle. The Lviv High Castle (Vysokyi zamok) is the highest point of the city and overlooks the historic city centre of Lviv. The historic Lychakivskiy Cemetery dating back to 1787 is a must.

Lviv is also the seat of the Roman Catholic Ukrainian Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox archbishops.

People are friendly and polite to strangers in Lviv; about the weather, the winter is fairly cold and the summers are mild.

Near Lviv are located the spa towns of Truskavets, Morshyn and Skhidnytsia, there are also ski centers in Slavsko and Tysovets.

Distances to some major cities:

Lviv Kyiv 545 km
Lviv Odessa 970 km
Lviv Kharkiv 1028 km
Lviv Simferopol 1173 km
Lviv Dnepropetrovsk 975 km
Lviv Donetsk 1221 km
Lviv Warsaw 390 km
Lviv Budapest 600 km
Lviv Bratislava 800 km
Lviv Prague 900 km

Distances to border-points with neighboring European countries:

Lviv Krakovets (Poland) 76 km
Lviv Uzhhorod (Slovakia) 262 km
Lviv Chop (Hungary) 253 km
Lviv Porubne (Romania) 290 km

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