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Getting around Lviv There are several options for getting around Lviv; the public transport system consists of trains, trams, mini-buses known as marshrutka, taxis and buses.

Walking is a great way to explore the city; you will admire closely the lovely architecture especially inside the Old Town. On weekends the Freedom Avenue (Prospect Svobody) is closed to traffic. By the way we recommend watch the street carefully when you cross.

Marshrutka is the most popular and convenient kind of transport in Lviv, although Marshrutka have no fixed stops or timetable and are uncomfortable they are cheap, fast, and mostly reliable. The Main Bus Station is located at Stryiska Street.

The Lviv tramway runs about 220 cars mostly of the 1980s on 75 km of track. You can purchase tram tickets from any news kiosk.

Taxis are a popular way of getting around Lviv, they are widely available throughout the city; few car companies uses a standard meter so you must agree the price with the driver ahead of time, if you just get in the taxi and give a destination, or ask how much the ride will be, it will be more than it should be.

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