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Getting Lviv By Air By Air
Lviv is served via direct international routes including flights to and from Vienna (Austrian Airlines), Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona (Ukraine International Airlines), London and Warsaw (LOT Polish Airlines), Rome, Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, Milan, Verona (via Timisoara with Carpatair), Toronto, Manchester.

Domestic flights (from Kyiv to Lviv) are operated by Ukrainian International Airlines and Aerosvit; these companies also operate flights to and from other major Ukrainian cities. Tickets for air travel can be purchased online or via travel agents. It is also possible flight directly to Kyiv and then one train or a bus to Lviv.

Lviv International Airport is situated just 7km from downtown Lviv; although it is a modest one, travelers has access to ATM machines, coffee shops, currency exchange, there is also a tourist information bureau where tourists can get information about the city, book hotel rooms, tours, dining and receive other useful information.

The easiest way to reach the airport is taking a taxi, another option are the trolleybus 9 or the marshrutka (minibus) 95.

You dont need to buy any insurance at the airport, ignore people trying to sell you one.

Lviv International Airport
79040, Lviv, Lyubinska Street, 168.
+38 (032) 229 8216

Getting Lviv By Train By Train
Lviv boasts one of the oldest railways in Ukraine, the first train arrived to Lviv from Vienna on November 4, 1861, even the Lviv Rail Terminal, located 2km west of the centre, is a spectacular sight in itself, it is one of the most notable pieces of Art Nouveau architecture.

There are at least four regular trains connecting Lviv and Kyiv per day, being the quickest the express day train which takes about 7 hours to reach Kyiv from Lviv, other trains (including overnight trains) takes from 9 to 11 hours. Lviv is also well connected with important cities such as Moscow, Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Krakow, Warsaw, Sofia, Varna, Chop, Chisinau, Riga, Berlin, Prague, Przemysl, Venice, Budapest and other cities by railway.

The most convenient route to travel to Lviv from Western and Central Europe is to reach first the cities Warsaw or Krakow in Poland and then take a direct train to Lviv. Visitor can also take a train in the Polish-Ukrainian border city of Przemysl; from here you take an autobus to the border, pass the checkpoint and take another autobus to Lviv. If you are traveling from Vienna the travel takes about 18 hours, if you are traveling from Krakow in Poland it is about 11 hours. If you are coming from Southern Europe you should come to Ukraines neighboring countries, trains coming from Slovakia and Hungary stop in Lviv as a rule in their way to Kyiv.

The next is a short list of cities that can be reached by train from Lviv, the duration of the trip and their frequency:

Ivano-Frankivsk Three hours Twice daily
Kolomyya Five hours Twice daily
Uzhhorod Seven hours At least three daily
Chop Six hours Once daily
Rakhiv 8 hours Once daily
Chernivtsi 5 to 11 hours Three daily
Odesa 12 hours Twice daily
Simferopol One day Daily
Kharkiv 20 hours Three daily
Moscow 25 hours Twice daily
St Petersburg Daily

Getting Lviv By Car By Car
If you are getting Lviv by car from Poland, it will be the best for you to follow E40 International Highway; this route will end in the city center of Kyiv. If you are traveling from Hungary, E50 International Highway and its part E573 may suit your requirements.

Speed limit within cities and town is 60km/h; it is better to follow the road signs carefully, Ukrainian roads have a bad reputation and it is said that Ukrainian drivers have a rough driving style. Make sure you have a good map with you, because getting lost is very easy.

Getting Lviv By Bus By Bus
It is easy to get to Lviv from Ukraines surrounding countries by bus; for example there are regular buses departing from Polish cities like Warsaw, Przemysl, Lublin, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lodz, Katowice, Rzeszow, Tomaszow and Lubelski.

From Przemysl you can take the Polish Coach Buses or private buses in order to reach Lviv, the private found are found just outside the train station, the travel from Przemysl to the border takes about 15 minutes; on the Ukrainian side, you can take another private bus, these takes about 3 hours to arrive to Lviv. Buses can be uncomfortable and filled of smugglers, but it is the adventure. There are a daily overnight bus departing from Krakow bus station to Lviv, it departs at 21.50 from Krakow and usually arrive at 6.00 to Lviv

There are three bus stations in Lviv. Regular international buses stop at the Main Bus Station in Lviv, 8km south of the centre, however several routes has their terminus at the Bus Station No 8 near the Central Train Station or behind the Opera Theatre; the Bus Station No 2 is situated near the end of the tram line 6.

The next list shows the destination, time, and frequency of buses departing from the Main Bus Station:

Kyiv Nine hours Four daily
Kamyanets-Podilsky Eight hours Twice daily
Odesa 15 hours Once daily
Ivano-Frankivsk Three hours Hourly until 5.20pm
Chernivtsi 7 hours At least twice daily
Kolomyya 4 hours 12 daily
Uzhhorod Six hours Four daily
Lutsk Three hours About every hour
Rivne 3 hours 12 daily
Ternopil Three hours Every 30 minutes
Kremenets 3 hours Once daily

The three main Bus Station in Lviv are:

Main Bus Station
Address: Stryiska Street

Central Train Station
Address: 1 Dvirtseva Square

Opera Theatre
Address: 24 Svobody Avenue

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