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Lviv is a great cultural centre; visitors can find notable museums and galleries displaying a wide collection of works of art and historical objects. The National Museum, Lviv Art Gallery, Museum of History of Religion, Pharmacy Museum, Lviv Historic Museum, Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, and Arsenal Museum are famous for their collections.

Besides its magnificent museums, the S. Krushelnytska Opera House is one of the biggest theatres in Central Europe and offers regular performances of various operas and ballets.

Pharmacy Museum Pharmacy Museum
The Museum is located at the corner of Stauropegiyska and Drukarska Streets, the building was constructed in the 17th century, on the faade visitors can see two bas-reliefs, they depict two Greek gods: Asclepius, and his daughter Hygieia. In the museum you will get to know the history of pharmaceutics from ancient times to the present.

Address: 2, Drukarska Street
Telephone: +380 (32) 272 0041

Museum of History of Religion Museum of History of Religion
It is in the Dominican Church and Monastery and offer exhibits and displays documenting both Jewish and Christian history of Lviv. There are a collection of icon paintings including real masterpieces dating back 15th - 18th century. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Thursday.

Address: 1, Museyna Square., Lviv
Telephone: +380 (32) 272 0032, 272 9100

Lviv Art Gallery Lviv Art Gallery
It is the biggest museum of art of Ukraine with more than fifty thousand art works on exhibition including unique works of painting, sculpture, graphic, and decorative-applied art. There are works of famous masters such as Rubens, Georges de La Tour, Caravaggio, Canaletto, Francisco Goya, Anton Raphael Mengs, Canova, Thorvaldsen, Jan Matejko, among others. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday-Sunday.

Address: 3, Stephanyka Street
Telephone: +380 (32) 274 4047

Lviv Historic Museum Lviv Historic Museum
The Museum is located in three buildings on Market Square. It is one of the oldest and richest museums in Ukraine; the museum houses over 320,000 historical objects covering all the history of Western Ukraine and her inhabitants from medieval times to the present. The museum houses world-value relics such as the handwritten Book of the Apostles which dates back the 12th century, and documents of Chopin (his autographs and portraits). The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (in winter) and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (rest of the year), every day except Wednesday.

Address: 2, 4, 6, 24, Market Square
Telephone: +380 (32) 272 0671

Lviv National Museum Lviv National Museum
The museum was founded in 1905 by Archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky; its creation is linked to the Ukrainian movement for national liberation. The museum houses a permanent collection of Ukrainian art, including manuscripts, sculptures, etching, icons, painting and handicrafts, since the 14th century to the present. The museum houses works of art by artists such as Pinsel, Polejowski, Filewicz and many others.

Address: 20, Svobody Avenue
Telephone: +380 (32) 274 2280

The Museum of Ethnography and Crafts The Museum of Ethnography and Crafts
It is one of the most specialized ethnography museums of Europe; the museum is placed in two buildings, the main located at 15, Svobody Avenue and the Furniture and Porcelain Museum placed at 10, Rynok Square where visitors can see Ukrainian and European furniture.

Address: 15, Svobody Avenue and 10, Rynok Square
Telephone: +380 (32) 272 7808

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life
The museum is located within the picturesque Shevchenko Hai about a half-hour wail from the Lychakivskiy Cemetery, it is open-air museum of Ukrainian architecture and lifestyle, the museum houses a collection of wooden buildings from all over Western Ukraine, there are 15-20 architectural examples. Visitors can feel the lifestyle of Ukrainian people in the 18th 20th centuries.

Address: 1, Chernecha Hora Street
Telephone: +380 (32) 271 8017

Other museums that deserve a mention include:

Arsenal Museum 5, Pidvalna Street +380 (32) 272 7060, 272 1901
Archaeological Museum of Franko University 1, Universytetska Street
Grushevskyj Memorial Museum 154, I.Franko Street +380 (32) 276 7852
Museum of Natural History 18, Teatralna Street +380 (32) 272 8917, 274 2307
Museum of Literary Heritage 18, Gvardijska Street +380 (32) 235 1033
Lychakiv cemetery 95, Pekarska Street +380 (32) 276 7987, 276 7984
Franko Memorial Museum 150, I. Franko Street +380 (32) 276 7760, 276 4417
Lviv Art Palace 17, Kopernika Street +380 (32) 272 8933
Teodozia Bryzh Studio Memorial Museum 5, Martovycha Street +380 (32) 274 4284
Museum of Ancient Ukrainian Books 15a, Kopernika Street +380 (32) 272 2536
Panchyshyn Museum of Medicine History 3, Karmelyuka Street +380 (32) 276 7835
Museum of Pinsel's Sacral Sculpture 2, Mytna Square +380 (32) 275-6966
Museum of Bread 89, Pasichna Street +380 (32) 275-0295
Pylypjuk Photo Gallery 14, Shevchenka Avenue +380 (32) 272 9181

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