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Lviv Shopping You can find real treasures in Lviv, there are a wide variety of traditional artifacts and crafts on offer, you can purchase interesting goods such as hand-painted Pysanky eggs, traditional Ukrainian necklaces called gerdans, beautiful wooden boxes, paintings from local Lvivs artists, rags made of goat wool, bright-colored belts, jewelry, USSR stuff, woolen blankets, Ukrainian blouses with embroidery, linen shirts, or kvass. Haggling is expected. You can also purchase kvass; a popular beverage made of Caraway oil, grain and malt, almost all shops sell this drink which is widely enjoyed by Ukrainians.

There is a book market taking place everyday around the monument of Ivan Fedorov. Dom Knigi (House of books) houses probably the best selection of books in Lviv. The Art Market is located at Lesi Ukrayinky, near The Market Square; it is an open air bazaar where you can purchase traditional costumes, antique books, stamps, old money, pins and paintings. Antykvar (Antiques) sells exquisite antiquities and modern arts

There are many shops distributed around the city and especially near the Old Town. One of the well-known venues to purchase traditional crafts is the Vernisazh Souvenir Market located near Opera House, in front of Zankovetska Theatre. Other interesting Ukrainian markets are Krakivsky Market (a Soviet-style rynok) and Lvivsky Rinok.

There are many food markets where you can purchase fresh products such as sweets, meats, caviar, fruits and vegetable; kvass, vodka, crafts, clothes can be found also. There are also many grocery shops, most of them are not self-service; generally buyers approach the seller and tell him what they want.

Only upscale stores, big hotels and some restaurants accept credit cards; smaller stores only accept cash, try always to pay with smaller denomination bills. Both ATMs (Bankomats) and currency exchanges are easily to be found throughout Lviv, particularly in the city center. ATMs will accept Visa and MasterCard.

Prices in Lviv are reasonable to European Standards. The Ukrainian currency is the Hryvnia (UAH), it was introduced in 1996 replacing Coupons (Karbovanets), and Ukrainian coins are kopiyky. 1 Hryvnia is 100 kopiyky.

Leopolitans (inhabitants of Lviv) like to be in fashion which increases tremendously sales of all kinds of wear. Fashion is changing quickly, so if you want to be elegantly dressed and save some money, go to the open market where you can get similar look for less.

The next is a short list of markets in Lviv:

Dom Knigi Adam Mickiewitz pl. 8, Lviv
Antykvar 25, Shevchenko Street
Bam Supermarket 79071 Ukraine, Lviv, vul.Vyhovskoho, 100 +380 (32) 295 2894
Folk Art Market Vicheva Square
Art-Vernisazh 23a Teatralna Street +38 322 720-054
Budmarket 79025, Lviv, vul.Levandivska 3 +380 (32) 298 3018
Bookva 6/2 Shevska Street +38 322 294-8207
Market-Lviv 11 Grabovskogo Street +38 322 233-7063

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