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Ukraine Travel Guide

Moving to Ukraine

Moving to Ukraine Ukraine is becoming a popular destination for expatriates who find there a new way of life. Relocating in a new country can be an exciting process, keep in mind some tips to get the best moving companies.

You must carry a copy of passport, a valid visa, a physical inventory of your belongings, an accreditation from your employer if you obtained a work in Ukraine, among other documents.

The following items can be charged with a tax: objects made before 1945, artist drawings, coin collections, stamp collections, sculptures, icons, musical instruments, precious metals, precious stones, books, and any other items of cultural value; all this items must be registered with its serial number, artist, and/or name of work, as appropriate. For information on dutiable items when moving to Ukraine, check in advance with customs offices in your country home and in Ukraine.

Remember that importation of items such as weapons, drugs, pornography, fresh meats, vegetables, pets, and plants is prohibited.

Moving facilities

Check what facilities are available (transport, education, entertainment, work) in the Ukrainian city that you want to live before moving. Before you move, it would be a good idea to take a Ukrainian language course so that you can communicate with locals, another good idea is to line up an apartment or house before your arrive.

Choose your moving date avoiding country’s holidays and first or lasts days of the month.

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