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Getting around Odessa Getting around in Odessa can be done with no difficulty and pleasure; there is a good system of transport consisting of trams, buses, taxis, marshrutkas, trolleybuses and ferries running through the city. Public transport operates from 6:00 am to 1:00 am. If you use public transportation, make sure that you request for directions and then look for your correct transport.

Trams are a preferred mode of transport in Odessa; you can enjoy the beauty of sights and sounds of the city while travelling. The tram #5 goes from the bus station to the train station and then on to Arkadia beach (and vice versa).

Buses are also hugely popular due of their vast network and their cheap ticket prices. There is a card system which is very useful; it is transferable between buses and trams. You can also purchase bus tickets that come in sheets of ten at newsstands or right from the bus driver. There is a stamp machine on the bus that you have to put your ticket in to get punched.

Marshrutkas are a quick and efficient way to get around Odessa at an economical fare. Marshrutka 117 terminates at the airport then goes throughout the city centre. Marshrutka 195 can be caught from the main street near the cathedral and terminated at Arkadia beach.

Taxis are very affordable in Odessa; order can be done in advance via phone or can be hired on the streets simply by putting out your hand; there will be plenty of Ukrainian drivers ready to give you a ride. Most taxis do not have meters so always agree on a price beforehand. Donít get into cars with more than one person. Tipping is not a custom.

It is very difficult to get around Odessa by car, because there are almost no signs. Cycling in Odessa is not recommended

Walking around the city is perhaps the best way to see the city, buy a map before you get in. The central part of Odessa is safe and compact and can be easily covered by foot.

There are a few companies offering car rental service in Odessa, the most famous are Hertz, Avis, Budget, Europcar and VRC Rental

Some Car Rental companies present in Odessa include:

Hertz 7D, Zdolbunivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine +380 (44) 492 3270
AVIS Odessa,4a Uspenskaya Street +380 (67) 752 9210
Budget Lyustdorfskaya Road 92, 65088 Odessa +380 (48) 703 5600
Europcar Hotel "LONDONSKAYA", 11, Primorsky Blvd +380 (48) 777 4011
VRC Rental Bunina Street 16-b +380 (48) 734 5777

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