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Odessa is an attractive and excitant holiday destination, there are hundred of beaches scattered along more than 40 km long sandy shore line, the closest are 20-30 minutes walk from the city centre but these are usually crowded. The most popular beaches are Arcadia, Luzanovka, Lanzheron, Otrada, The Joy, The Dolphin, The Big Fountain, Chernomorka, and the luxurious Gold Coast among others.

Odessa’s beaches are great for swimming, sunbathing and water sports such as surfing, diving, water skiing, and other sailing activities. Check out the yacht club at the south end of Lanzheron beach where you can charter a boat with crew. During the summer, many beaches are wall-to-wall people, but solitude seekers can find a quiet place by walking further. There are also many small-scale eating and drinking establishments

Kids will enjoy a good time at the Tropicano Children World

Arcadia Beach Arcadia Beach
The beach was named after a mountainous district in Greece, today Arcadia is the most popular tourist place in Odessa, with lots of restaurants, resorts, sanatoriums, and nightspots. In summertime, Arcadia hosts the hottest clubs in the city like Ibiza, Itaka, Assol, Pago, and Stereo. Even though it is farther then Otrada and Dolphin it is easily reachable from city centre, it is about a 15 minute ride by taxi from there. Arcadia Beach is located just down the street from 10th of April Square

Lanzheron Beach Lanzheron Beach
It is the nearest to the city centre, located just underneath the Shevchenko Park, this beach is very popular among tourists and locals, it is located a 1.5 hour walk north of Arcadia Beach and 45 minutes north of Otrada Beach. There are water sports available. Near the beach is located the newly built Dolphinarium which has shows frequently, there are times when visitors are allowed to swim with the dolphins.

Otrada Beach Otrada Beach
It is located under the French Parkway. Otrada is easily accessible by cable car, is 5 steps from the intersection with Deribasovskaya Street, and in 3 stops from Railway Station. Otrada consists of numerous beaches all of them are equipped with almost all the facilities you can find on any beach resort, some of the most popular beaches here are Riviera and Treasure Island.

Riviera Beach Riviera Beach
It is located further south from Arcadia, at 13th Station Fontana. The fee is about $5; sand and water here are cleaner than at other beaches. There is a nice restaurant right on the beach where you can sit and enjoy a meal or a drink and enjoy the pleasant ambience.

Dolphin Beach Dolphin Beach
Dolphin beach is located just further south of the Lanzheron and Otrada Beaches; Dolphin is one kilometre long and up to fifty meters wide. The good service and great quality in his sand and water makes this an excellent option on a summer vacation while in Odessa.

Chkalovo Beach Chkalovo Beach
Located south of Dolphin Beach and named after the famous Russian test pilot Valery Chkalov, Chkalovo Beach is the official nude beach in Odessa, many women go topless and most male will be fully nude, both nude and clothed visitors can have equal fun at this beach.

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