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Eating and Drinking in Odessa

Eating and Drinking in Odessa Odessa is an eating and drinking place, there is a tradition of hiring renowned chefs to work in restaurants here so they will be glad to give you pleasure of eating.

The cuisine in Odessa is very diverse and there are a lot of restaurants to choose from, particularly tasty cuisine served in Odessa’s restaurants is the delicious Ukrainian food: soups, Borscht, Solyanka, Varenyky, Deruny, Pampushky among other dishes are all wonderful and tasteful. In addition to the traditional Ukrainian cuisine, there are also restaurants and cafes featuring a wide variety of cuisines from around the world such as Russian, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Jewish, French, and Turkish.

Odessa boasts plenty of restaurants, ranging from small to big, offering cuisine service and prices on par with other European countries. In general restaurants open at 11:00 am and work until midnight. Menus in normal restaurants are usually in Russian, though many restaurants are incorporating menus in English, upscale restaurants have personal well trained in the English language.

You can find a number of cafes where you can enjoy an excellent meal at minimum cost, service is quick and a variety of snacks are on the menu. The price for food is cheap in Odessa; there are of course extremely expensive restaurants. Beaches in Odessa possess lots of small-scale eating and drinking establishments, particularly during the summer.

There are several supermarkets in Odessa that have high quality foods that you can buy as an alternative. Street food is particularly tasty but be careful of their quality.

There are bars practically on every block in Odessa. The beer is excellent and goes excellently with the food. The wine-producing tradition of neighbouring Moldova and Crimea make Odessa an excellent place for wine-lovers.

In the big supermarkets you can find a large quantity of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from local to world famous brands.

The next is a list of some eating places in Odessa:

Restaurant Name
Kumanets 7, Gavannaya Street +380 (48) 237 6946
Arabskaya Kuhnya Staroportofrankovskaya 18 +380 (48) 732 0821, 731 5196
Dva Karla Gretcheskaya 32 (Corner of Ekaterininskaya) +380 (48) 224 7182
Estrellita Ekaterininskaya 1 +380 (48) 237 2920; 237 5049
Panorama Primorskaya 6 Marine passenger terminal Morskoy Vokzal +380 (48) 729 4808
Top Sandwich Preobrazhenskaya 52 +380 (48) 226 4332
Dacha French Parkway, 85/15 +380 (48) 714 3119
SteakHouse: Meat and Wine Str. Deribassovskaya 20 (corner of Havana) +380 (48) 234 8782
Terrazza 11 Uyutnaya Street +380 (48) 233 0698
Buffalo 99 Rishel'evskaja, 7 +380 (48) 234 8399
Scarlet sails Primorskiy region, Ekaterininskaya Street 14 +380 (48) 225 0758, 25 3438
Le Duc 1 Posmitnogo Street +380 (48) 230 7177
Ukrainian Lassunka Str. Deribassovskaya 17 +380 (48) 725 84 12

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