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Getting Odessa

Odessa has a good transportation system; there are many trains, ships, planes and buses going to Odessa so it is easy to reach this beautiful city. Hitchhiking is another good option, especially on the road Kyiv-Odessa.

Getting Odessa By Air By Air
Odessa airport is located about 20 minutes from the city centre and is easily reachable from downtown, as well as from other neighbourhoods. Odessa airport has connections to large Ukrainian cities as well as major European cities such as Istanbul, Vienna, Athens, Warsaw, Budapest, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Prague, and Moscow among other cities of Europe and Asia.

During the summer season many airlines increase their service to Odessa. Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Air Baltic and Turkish Airlines all have regular flights to the Odessa airport. Aerosvit, El Al, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Odessa Airlines all fly between Odessa and Kyiv. Most domestic air tickets can be obtained in Ukraine only.

International Airport Odessa
Address: 65054, Odessa - 54, GA Airport
Telephone: +380 (48) 239 3549

Getting Odessa By Rail By Rail
Trains are the most popular and easy way to make intercity trips in Ukraine. Odessa is well connected by train to Kyiv and other larger Ukrainian cities as well as to major Russian and Eastern European cities. Central Railway Station "Odessa-Glavnaya" is conveniently located at the southern edge of the city centre; it is easily reachable from almost all points of the city.

From the Central Railway Station there are overnight trains departing to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Simferopol, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vienna, Warsaw, Minsk, Rostov-on-Don, Gorky, among other cities. There are also direct train services a couple of times a week from Berlin and Prague. Train 109O departs daily from Central Railway Station to Bratislava, Slovakia.

Getting Odessa By Sea By Sea
The sea connection is made via the Black Sea port of Odessa from here you can travel by ship to various cities on the Black Sea and Mediterranean. Some ferries arrive from Yalta and Sebastopol in Crimea. There is a regular ship service to Illichivsk from Batumi and Poti (Georgia), travel time is approximately 42 hours; there is a regular ferry service from the Sea Port to Istanbul (Turkey) twice a week on Saturday and Monday. There are also ferry services to Varna (Bulgaria), Haifa (Israel) and Constanta (Romania) in summer.

Odessa commercial sea port
Address: Tamojennaya Sq.,1, Odessa 65026 Ukraine
Telephone: +380 (48) 729 3030

Getting Odessa By Bus By Bus
There are comfortable buses that reach Odessa from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, there are also Intercity bus services from cities in Russia, Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich), Greece (Thessaloniki and Athens), Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria (Varna and Sofia), Georgia and Romania.

The next table shows the average travel time from Odessa to main Ukrainian cities:

Kyiv 7 hours
Izmayil four hours hourly
Donetsk 13 hours one daily
Simferopol 12 hours six daily
Yalta 14 hours three daily
Lviv 15 hours two daily
Chernivtsi 13 hours two daily

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