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Nightlife in Odessa

Nightlife in Odessa Odessa has a lively nightlife which offers something for everyone; the city is densely filled with restaurants, bars, and cafes, as well as numerous nightclubs, disco clubs, and casinos. There are also several strip bars including nude.

Prices in drinks and admission fees are relatively cheap and much lower than in Kyiv or Moscow. Clubs open about 11:00 pm and remain open until 6:00 am depending on the club. Most nightclubs play loud music and smoking is allowed. Ukrainian beers are very good with Slavutych and Baltika being the most popular.

Nightlife is quite different in winter and summer. During summer almost all partying and clubbing is going on Arcadia Beach, in winter months the focal point of entertainment is the historical city centre of Odessa where one can find a number of pubs, bars, nightclubs, especially around Deribasovskaya Street. Popularity of places changes often so it is a good idea ask for the most currently popular places.

Between mid May and mid September the main scene in downtown closes and goes to Arcadia Beach. Arcadia beach open dozens of restaurants, bars, and cafes, as well as numerous nightclubs and discotheques that have remained closed during winter.

Arcadia Beach is the most famous place for partying in Odessa; it is located in the western edge of town along the Black Sea. The area is very crowded during weekend and the most popular places are already full by 11:00 pm. Arcadia is relatively close to downtown so you can take a taxi to take you there. The ride from the city centre to Arcadia takes about 15 minutes.

The best clubs are Ibiza and Itaka, both located in Arcadia and overlooking the black sea. Pago is other famous club located near Itaka, Assol is another famous club, known for its decoration and live cabaret shows, it is built as a replica of a traditional sailing boat.

There is a very liberal attitude in Odessa; the city receives thousands of tourists who want to experience the hedonistic scene of the city; there you will notice the amount of beauty women using very limited clothing. Visitors should beware of some taxi drivers who receive payoffs from some clubs for bringing you there.

If you are looking for cultural experiences, try and enjoy the high-class performances of the Odessa Opera House.

The next is a list of some night spots in Odessa:

Captain Morgan 30, Zhukovskogo str. +380 (48) 728 8482
Ibiza Odessa Arcadia Beach +380 (48) 777 0205
Itaka Arcadia Beach +380 (48) 234 9188
Music club “Yo" Polskiy spusk Street, 15 +380 (48) 237 1515
Hotel Palladium Odessa, Italian boulevard, 4 +380 (48) 728 7730
Stereo Arcadia Beach +380 (48) 237 4237
Euro Party Club St. Catherine, 12, Odessa, 65026 +380 (48) 784 0203
Vechernaya Odessa 59, Pushkinskaya Street +380 (48) 232 1421
Assol Arcadia Beach +380 (48) 746 6633
Pago Arcadia Beach +380 (48) 715 3830
Fidel 23 Deribasvkaya +380 (48) 222 7116
Arena 12 Lanzheronovskaya / Ekaterinisnakaya +380 (48) 241 1412

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