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Real Estate in Ukraine

Real estate companies in Ukraine market has been developing quickly due the country's economic expansion, the growing accessibility of bank loans and mortgages, the need of investment opportunities, the increasing per capita income, and especially the low levels of housing per capita since Soviet Times: Ukrainian people now want to have their own home.

Ukrainian real estate companies

Ukraine’s real estate was regarded as one of the most beneficial opportunities for foreign and local investors; many of them who purchased real estate in Kiev and other major cities of Ukraine in the early 90s for a small number of thousands dollars have seen their property increase in value an average of 20-40% a year since.

Anyway, real estate is a great investment whether you are planning on reselling, renting or industry development; there are many development projects in Ukraine, some already in construction phase, waiting for investors. If you are interested in buying real estate or a home in Ukraine, there is a wide selection to choose from, the most popular areas for investing are Kyiv, Odesa, Luhansk, Lviv, Crimea, Yalta, Dnipropetrovsk and other large cities, although remember that there are also many beautiful towns and villages around the country where property prices remain very low, you would buy a nice home at a beautiful town for the same price or cheaper than a small apartment in the largest cities.

Governmental law favors investment in Ukrainian real estate. The Ukrainian Constitution guarantees the right of private ownership, including the right to own land; this right is ensured for Ukrainian residents, foreign persons, and overseas legal entities. The law permits owners of property to use such property for business purposes, to rent property, and to keep the revenues, earnings, and production derived from its employ. Foreign individuals or foreign legal entities cannot acquire land plots designated for agricultural use.

Real Estate in Ukraine Any foreign person may purchase real estate in Ukraine; just a few documents are needed to buy real estate in Ukraine:
  • Passport.
  • Ukraine taxpayer identification code certificate.
  • If purchaser is married and comes to Ukraine without his or her spouse:
    • A copy of matrimony certificate.
    • A copy of spouse’s passport, and
    • A notarized copy of spouse’s permission to purchase property in Ukraine.

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