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Ukraine, and specially Kyiv, boasts hundreds of restaurants offering delicious meals and refreshing drinks with a very friendly service. There are often traditional Ukrainian restaurants where you can taste the unique flavours of Ukrainian food. If you are seeking other flavours, you can try the restaurants serving Indian, French, Italian, Georgian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese or German cuisines.

Ukrainians love to cook; you will find at most towns in Ukraine very good restaurants serving properly made and tasty food. Besides Ukraine’s restaurants there are a variety of pubs, bars, cafes, and delicatessens serving splendid dishes.



Ukrainian cuisine is quite tasty and well-known for its great diversity and amazing flavours; the traditional Ukrainian cuisine uses a great number of ingredients such as pork, beef, fresh vegetables, potatoes, berries, grains, chicken, fruit, herbs, fish and mushrooms. The availability of ingredients is often dependent on the season.

Ukraine the 3rd country with the highest production of Pumpkin. This food high in Magnesium is the protagonist of many healthy recipes in the Ukrainian cuisine.

Overall, the food in Ukraine can be considered healthy, although some foods are high calorie levels. It is important to know the amount of calories you should consume daily. To get an accurate value, you should use a BMR calculator that allows you to get your basal metabolic range considering your activity level, height, weight and gender.

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 Borscht  Shashlik
 Solyanka  Varenyky
 Holubtsi  Deruny
 Pampushky  Okroshka
 Kutya  Rozsolnyk
 Chicken Kiev  Kasha

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