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Getting Around Sevastopol

Getting around Sevastopol Getting around Sevastopol is very easy; you have many options to choose from, mini-buses (Marshrutkas) and by city buses are widely available are most of them ready to leave you where ever you want to go; they are also a cheap transport way, though they may get crowded; you can buy a ticket right in the bus.

From the railway station or the bus station which are very close to each other you can take mini bus No. 7 uphill to the city centre.

Walking is recommended to explore the city centre; it is not overcrowded by cars.

You will find good road maps of the Sevastopol City both in Cyrillic and Latin characters from press kiosks.

Taxis in Sevastopol:

Company Name
Voyage Taxi +38 (0692) 001
Prestige Taxi +38 (0692) 052
Faeton Taxi +38 (0692) 060

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