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Eating and Drinking in Sevastopol

Eating and Drinking in Sevastopol Food in Sevastopol is great and inexpensive; you should try the Crimean food which is tasty and very varied, including the Crimean version of the Baklava.

There are many wonderful cafes and restaurants in Sevastopol especially along the main street leading from the harbour up through town. Prices range from economical and cheerful to expensive and almost exclusive.

Rybatsky Stan is very popular with wealthy Ukrainians and Russians, their food is good but it is a bit expensive. Pizza Celentano serves delicious pizzas, pastas, crepes, salads, soups, drinks, pancakes at reasonable prices. Traktir Cafe & Restaurant serves genuine Ukraine, Crimean and Russian dishes in a historical atmosphere. Barkas Restaurant is a good option if you want fresh seafood. Yapi Restaurant is a great sushi restaurant in the Sevastopol waterfront. Ukrainskiy Shynok is an excellent authentic Ukrainian Restaurant at the side of Hotel Sevastopol.

There are also several supermarkets in Sevastopol selling natural and fresh produce.

As a naval port, you will find lots of bars and nightclubs. Piero is a well-know stylish bar in Sevastopol.

Cafes and Restaurants in Sevastopol:

Restaurant Name
Rybatsky Stan Artilleryskaya Bay 1, Sevastopol +38 (0692) 557 278
Celentano Velyka Morska str., 52 +38 (0692) 542 987
Traktir Cafe & Restaurant 8, Bolshaya Morskaya St., Sevastopol +38 (0692) 544 760
Barkas Restaurant Art Bay (Arteleriyskaya Bukhta) +38 (0692) 535 056
Yapi Restaurant Artilleryskaya Bay, Sevastopol +38 (0692) 556 142
Ukrainskiy Shynok restaurant 3, Ayvazovsky St., Sevastopol
Tri Peskarya restaurant 12, Nahimov Ave, Sevastopol +38 (0692) 555 581
Iskrinka cafe 8, Lenin St., Sevastopol +38 (0692) 542 338
Kavkaz cafe 20a, Gogol St., Sevastopol +38 (0692) 546 888

Bars in Sevastopol:

Restaurant Name
Piero 54 Lenina Str. (side Hotel Ukraine) +38 (0692) 548 349
Gesser Bar 8, Nahimov Ave, Sevastopol +38 (0692) 455 872
Gals Bar 9, Lenin St., Sevastopol +38 (0692) 544 422
Rif Bar 5, Nahimov Sq., Sevastopol +38 (0692) 545 803

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