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Getting Sevastopol By Air By Air
The Belbek Airport (UKS) in Sevastopol was a military aerodrome, recently remarked as civilian; unfortunately it is not widely used yet. The nearest commercial airport is located in Simferopol (SIP) so you have to come here if travelling by air, then you can get Sevastopol by train, bus or a car. From Kyiv it is better take a plane to Simferopol and then travel to Sevastopol. You can take a plane from Istanbul to Simferopol, Turkish visa would be required. If you have a Russian Visa, you can take a flight from Moscow.

Getting Sevastopol By Rail By Rail
Sevastopol has one railway station located just by centre of the City. From Simferopol, Elektrychka (an electric train) is very cheap; it will take you at least 2.5 hours, there are seven trains daily in each direction. There is no direct train from Odesa to Sevastopol so you will have to take a train from Odesa to Simferopol and then travel to Sevastopol. There are also two daily trains from Kyiv direct to Sevastopol; travel time is about 17 hours, go through Simferopol, you can also take the train from Kyiv to Simferopol and then get Sevastopol travelling by “Elektrichka”. A direct train from Moscow goes to Sevastopol over 24 hours, via Kharkiv and Simferopol.

Sevastopol Train Station
Address: 1 Vokzalnaya Ulitsa, Sevastopol
Telephone: +38 (0692) 487 926

Getting Sevastopol By Bus By Bus
Travel by bus from Simferopol is good option; travel time is about 2 hours. If you are in Yalta, you will easily reach Sevastopol because there is only one road between the two cities, you can take a bus or minibus from the Bus Station in Yalta, travel time is about 2.5 hours by bus and 1.5 hours by minibus. There are buses every half-hour or hour to / from Bakhchisaray, time is about one hour.

Sevastopol Central Bus Station
Address: 11 Vokzalnaya Ulitsa, Sevastopol
Telephone: +38 (0692) 488 199

Severnaya (North) Bus Station
Address: Zakharov Ploshad, Sevastopol
Telephone: +38 (0692) 715 004

Getting Sevastopol By Ferry By Ferry
You can also get the Sevastopol port from Odesa by the fast ferries that leave the Odesa port in Summer time, travel time is about 7 hours. There are weekly ferries travelling between Sevastopol and the Turkish capital, Istanbul, it would be a great experience because of the fantastic scenery you will enjoy.

Sevastopol Sea Trade Port
Address: 5 Nahimova Square, Sevastopol
Telephone: +38 (0692) 542 979

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