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Shopping in Sevastopol

Shopping in Sevastopol Sevastopol offers many shopping opportunities; most shops accept debit and credit cards, although they are not accepted in markets, if you need some cash there are a lot of ATM machines.

There is a Flea Market every Saturday and Sunday in the park in Sovyetska on the hill above Lenin Street, where you can find very interesting antiques, mostly of them dating back the times of the Crimean War, you should be careful of imitations and fakes. Items dating back 1945 are not allowed to be traveled out of the country.

Every weekend is held a Open Art Market in main port of Sevastopol, near the City hall and the concert hall, here you will see many local artists selling paintings of good quality and other works of art.

Additionally, you will find lots of shopping markets along Bolshoi Morskoe and, if you want something healthy, visit the markets selling natural products such as fresh fruit and tasty wine.

Prices are low in respect with Western standards. Haggling is also widely practiced.

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