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Translations in Ukraine

Translations in Ukraine Translation is the transcription of a text from one language into another. Over the last few years, translation has quickly become an important activity around the world due to Globalization.

The main objective of translating is to establish a relation of equivalence between the source and the target texts; this means that the new text must keep all the ideas that the original text had. Despite how complicated this might sound, itís not really a difficult process.

A common mistake people make is to confuse translation with interpretation. As we saw earlier, translation refers to written texts, while interpretation refers to ideas expressed orally or by the use of gestures; although, these concepts may sound similar, these are different activities.

Machine translation

Translation has long been a human activity consisting on giving a translator a text and expecting to receive it translated after a while. Although, this is still the best way to translate a text, the whole process takes a long time and is not necessary if you only want to get a general idea of what your text says. To solve this problem, free translation tools were created.

Machine translation is a specialized software for computers to save time in the translation process. Although, the results canít be compared with a professional translatorís work, they have become very useful to make quick translations.

Translations in Ukraine

Ukraine occupies a very important role in European economy. This country is an important industrial and agricultural component; it has a very large heavy-industry that export to many countries around the world.

Although, Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine, English is rapidly becoming one of the most spoken languages of this country, which is why English translation is one of the most sought-after in Ukraine. Companies looking to make business in this country seek professional translation services to facilitate their businesses. The exporting companies of Ukraine are also looking to translate Ukrainian into other languages.

This is a list of some of the most known Ukrainian Agencies
  • Ukrainian language agency
  • Ukrainian Global translator agency
  • ERCA Trans S.A.C
  • Quiksilver Translations
  • Nexus Translate company

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