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Ukraine Art

Ukraine is a nation with strong cultural heritage; Ukrainian art is abundantly embedded in ancient traditions influenced by European artistic styles and by distinguished Ukrainian historical figures such as Taras Shevchenko who was one of the most important forerunners of Ukrainian Art.

Ukraine’s art galleries feature beautiful art works such as paintings, graphic arts, design, sculptures, crafts, Pysanky, and photographs from both local and international artists, visitors can enjoy exquisite works of arts created by highly-talented artists. Several great artists from Ukraine have become famous worldwide for a variety of artistic styles.

Ukrainian people enjoy their culture in the form of traditional dances; most of the dances are linked to ethno-cultural regions including , for example, Cossack Dances, Hutsul Dances, Transcarpathian Dances, Bukovynian Dances, Volyn' Dances, Polissian Dances, Lemko Dances, Podillian Dances, Boiko Dances, and Gypsy Dances. The Cossack dance Hopak often is referred as the National Dance of Ukraine. Hopak is energetic, entertaining, and requires good acrobatic skills.

An important religious art form is the icon, a highly stylized painted image of a religious figure or event; icon art came to Ukraine from Byzantium with the Christianizing in 988. The painting known as the Virgin on Kyiv, made in 1132 for Prince Mstislav I of Kiev, is one of the best examples of this art in Ukraine.

Architecture, folk & Theatre in Ukraine

Ukraine Art Architecture in Ukraine ranges from buildings dating back hundreds of years to modern structures. Outstanding examples of Ukrainian architecture can be seen throughout the country, for example, the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, which dates back to the 11th century, is an exquisite architectural monument of Kievan Rus'.

Ukrainian folk art is rich and colorful. The tradition of the Easter eggs has its beginnings in Ukraine, where these eggs are called Pysanky. Traditional clothes in Ukraine usually are decorated with intricate red and black embroidery in another form or Ukrainian Art. Weaving and woodcarving are also important in Ukrainian art.

Theatrical art in Ukraine arose from ancient folk plays, dances, songs and ceremonies offering a marvellous way of entertainment. Today, Ukraine has 91 professional theatres and tickets are relatively inexpensive.

Museums in Ukraine

Museums of all kinds can be found throughout Ukraine, some Museums that deserve a mention are:
  • The National Art Museum, which houses an amazing collection of Ukrainian and international art of many decades. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece.
  • The National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine shows the development of medicine in Ukraine throughout the ages.
  • The Odessa Regional History Museum hosts a vast array of historical items.
  • The Odessa Numismatics Museum is dedicated to the history of money and its circulation in the area.
  • The Odessa State Museum of Archaeology shows almost everything about the past of the Northern Black Sea zone.
  • The National Museum and Gallery of Lviv is one of Ukraine's largest art museums, inside the museums you will see works by famous artists such as Johann Georg Pinsel, Maciej Polejowski, Michal Filewicz and others.
  • The Livadia Palace, located in Livadiya, Crimea, is another important museum; it was once the summer retreat of Nicholas II and his family.
  • The Pysanka Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated entirely to the Pysanka; the museum possesses a collection of over 10,000 Pysanky.

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