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Job Search in Ukraine

Job Search in Ukraine Ukraine is a country continuously in development, the most common way to search jobs for foreigners is as teacher of English or another foreign language, some kind of teaching certification or experience is usually required. Ukrainian Universities recruit English-speaking graduates to teach courses in English.

Another opportunity is to get a job with a multi-national company that hires foreigners. There are more opportunities for those with relevant experience working for international organizations such as World Bank or United Nations.

If you are planning to work in Ukraine, the first thing you will need is a visa which must be arranged before traveling. To legally hire a foreign citizen, Ukrainian employers need to apply for a work permit, the procedure usually takes up to 30 days. The foreign person is not allowed start working in Ukraine until the work permit is issued, a work permit may be issued for up to one year with subsequent renewal. To get a work permit, the company needs to demonstrate that the foreign worker has specific skills and knowledge to develop, so his work cannot be done by a Ukrainian. Ukrainian law stipulates that all foreigners have equivalent labor rights and obligations as Ukrainian employees.

Some companies pay foreign workers under the table, but this may not be a good long-term policy, if discovered the company must pay a strong fine while the foreign employee will be deported from Ukraine at the cost of the employer.

Foreigners are able to eventually apply for permanent residency, allowing them to work and live on equivalent grounds as Ukrainian citizens. Another alternative is to create your own business and register it; many foreigners have successfully created companies such as language schools, bars, and nightclubs in Ukraine.

Useful Tips during the search of a job

  • The most attractive job ads in English are found in the Kyiv Post (, most jobs are high-profile.
  • The opportunities for finding a job are greater if you use Ukrainian job search sites, the most well-known are,,,, and Most jobs opportunities are in Kiev. You will need to either understand Russian and/or Ukrainian to navigate these sites.
  • Have a resume ready to send; companies are always looking for good and qualified employees.
  • If you need some tips to write a resume you can download resume templates.
  • Explain to your future employers your motives for looking for a job in Ukraine.
  • Present diplomas, certificates and other documents may you have.
  • Be persistent and you’ll eventually find something.

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