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After the Orange Revolution, the country adopted several laws that guarantee freedom of thought and speech and the right to freely collect, store and disseminate information; people began to receive access to international print, television, and radio sources. These days free press is flourishing and lively debate has been encouraged.

Ukraine’s communications infrastructure is in continuous development mainly in the bigger cities and tourist areas. The National Commission on Communication Regulation of Ukraine is the responsible for everything related to telecommunications in Ukraine


In 2002, over 5,000 newspapers and magazines were officially registered in the country, mainly wrote in Ukrainian and Russian. Nowadays, people in Ukraine receive greater access to foreign printed publications, some of which are issued in a translated version for larger audiences who do not speak foreign languages.

Some popular newspapers in Ukraine include:

33 Kanal Vinnytsya 60,000 Russian
Antenna Cherkasy n/a Ukrainian
Den Kiev 60,000 English
Donbass Donetsk n/a Russian
Fakty i Kommentarii Kiev 1,100,000 Ukrainian
Holos Ukrayiny Kiev 170,000 Ukrainian
Intelnews Kiev n/a English
Interfax Kiev n/a English
Kafa Theodosia 32,000 Russian
Kharkiv Courier Kharkiv 40,000 English
Kievskiye Vedomosti Kiev n/a Russian
Kyiv Post Kiev n/a English
L'vivska Hazeta Lviv 200,000 Ukrainian
Postup Lviv 200,000 Ukrainian
The Transcarpathian Reporter Uzhhorod n/a Ukrainian
Segodnya Kiev 700,000 Russian
Silski Visti Kiev 500,000 Ukrainian
Ukrayina Moloda Kiev 99,000 Ukrainian
Ukrayinska Pravda Kiev n/a English
UNIAN Kiev n/a English
Uryadovy Kuryer Kiev 130,000 - 230,000 Ukranian
Vecherniye Vesti Kiev 530,000 Ukrainian
Vysoky Zamok Lviv 500,000 Ukrainian
Zerkalo Nedeli Kiev 48,000 English


At independence in December 1991, Ukraine received a telephone system that was almost obsolete and inefficient. The situation is being changed within last years, Ukraine’s telephone network has been upgraded and new equipment installed, tough telephone connections are not good in rural areas and countryside; some little towns have only one telephone to serve the whole built-up area. The cellular telephone system is growing rapidly; there are several cellular telephone companies operating with GSM 900/1800 standard. International roaming is still quite costly.


Internet is mainly popular in the major cities, there are plenty of internet cafes and costs are minimal, connection speed depends much on the quality telephone line, sometimes it is a bit slow.


Ukraine has a large audiovisual offering; the main commercial TV channels include Inter, Studio 1+1, Novyi Kanal, Kanal 5, ICTV and STB. The state-run National TV Company of Ukraine (NTCU) is the responsible for the TV system in Ukraine and controls the national television chann els UT-1 and UT-2. Russian channels are broadcasted thought cable networks and satellite. Various areas of the country receive also transmission from Polish, Hungarian, Turkish and Hungarian TV.


Ukraine’s radios stations broadcasts a great variety of programs from news to live discussions and music. The National Radio Company of Ukraine (NRCU) operates three networks. The next radio stations enjoy greater popularity: Gala Radio, Europa Plus, Hit FM, Nashe FM, Evropa Plyus, and Russkoye Radio.

Useful Data

  • Telephones - main lines in use: 12.34 million (2006)
  • Telephones - mobile cellular: 49.1 million (2006)
  • Radio broadcast stations: 524 (2006)
  • Radios: 45.05 million (1997)
  • Television broadcast stations: 647 (plus 21 repeater stations that relay broadcasts from Russia) (2006)
  • Televisions: 18.05 million (1997)
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 35 (1999)
  • Internet country code (Top level domain): UA
  • Internet hosts: 234,349 (2007)
  • Internet users: 7 million (2005)

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