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Uzhhorod Travel Guide

Uzhhorod Travel Guide

Uzhhorod is the educational, economic, and cultural heart of the Carpathian Mountains region; the city is located in Western Ukraine at the Slovak border and near the border with Hungary; exactly along the Uzh River and south of the Uzhok Pass across the Carpathians. Uzhhorod is also the capital of the Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) Oblast.

The city obtains its name from the winding Uzh River which divides the old and the new city districts; the word Uzh means “ringed snake” and horod means “city” in Ruthenian dialect. The name Uzhhorod has been used only since the start of the XX century; before the city has changed names several times, it has been called Ongvar, Hungvar, Unguyvar, and Ungvar.

Uzhhorod is quite pretty, particularly the old Downtown where you can find many different architectural styles including baroque, classic, Neo-Norman, and modern style

Uzhhorod has many architectural attractions, among the most notable we have the Nevitsky Castle (built in 14th century), Uzhhorod Castle (built in 9th century), the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Cathedral of The Elevation of the Cross (circa 1646), Saint George's Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Gymnasium, the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture, the City Hall and the Transcarpathian Bokshai Museum of Art, the Former Synagogue (now Philharmonic), the Transcarpathian Ukrainian Drama Theatre, and the wooden church.

Population in Uzhhorod is predominantly Ukrainian; there are also Russians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, Poles, Jews, Armenians, and Gypsies among nearly 70 cultural groups; Uzhhorod has been heavily influenced by the mix of ethnic groups, developing a welcoming culture.

Uzhhorod is famous for the quality of their wines, Troyanda Zakarpattya (a red dessert wine) and Berehivske (a Riesling grape) are among the best-known Transcarpathian wines.

Transcarpathia is one of the most popular skiing areas in Ukraine; among the natural attractions we have the Synevyr ("The Sea Eye") which is biggest mountain lake in Ukraine and the Narcissus Valley, the only conservation area in Europe where narcissi grow in their natural condition

Uzhhorod can be reached by train from Kyiv; the city has a railway station and an airport. There are plenty of taxis although the best way to explore the city is on foot.

The city dialling code for Uzhhorod is 3122 and the zip code is 88005.

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