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Getting Around Uzhhorod

Getting around Uzhhorod Uzhhorod has a well developed transport network including a railway station, a bus station, and roads in good condition. The Railway Station is divided into Uzhhorod-1, Uzhhorod-2, Uzhhorod-3, and Domanynci stations.

Buses are a very cheap way of getting around Uzhhorod, but they get sometimes crowded, uncomfortable, and slow, microbuses (Marshrutkas) are newer and less crowded. Buses and microbuses are plentiful, there are more than 50 routes connecting the city. From the Bus Station, Marshrutka 145 goes to Chop every 15 minutes until 8.20 pm, other Bus-Line leave from the main road on the other side of the bus station for Mukachevo when all the seats are occupied.

Taxis are abundant along the city, they are more comfortable and expensive, you can also book one in advance.

It could be very hard to park a car in the Downtown during day hours.

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