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The Uzhhorod Castle The Uzhhorod Castle
The Uzhhorod Castle is an imposing defensive structure with massive walls and big bastions that housed the regents of the Hapsburgs; it boasts secret passage, thick walls, warehouses and even a jail with a torture chamber. It was built between the 13th and 18th centuries by the Drugeth family and has survived several sieges, invasions, and fires, being rebuilt several times. In 1775 the castle was turned into a theological seminary, which operated till 1944. Now you can find here the Tranthcarpathian Museum of Local Lore and Art Gallery. Closed Tuesday

Address: Kapitulna Street, Uzhhorod

Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore
The museum is located inside the Uzhhorod castle, the museum’s purpose is show the different periods in the history of the Transcarpathian Region, permanent exhibitions include: “National Costumes of Zakarpattia", "Folk Musical Instruments", and "The Casting". Its collection consists of more than 80,000 original historical objects including religious items, weapons, articles of ceramic, glasses, clothes, jewellery, There is also an interesting picture gallery of Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czechs, and Russian artists.

Address: Kapitulna Street, Uzhhorod

Museum of Transcarpathian Architecture and Lifestyle Museum of Transcarpathian Architecture and Lifestyle
The museum may also be known as Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, Uzhhorod Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, Subcarpathian Rus' Museum of Folk Architecture and Customs, Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Customs. It is located next door to the Uzhhorod Castle and shows a well-preserved old wooden church, village houses, home utensils, and wood carvings which represent the various Transcarpatian ethnic groups, including Lemko, Hutsul, Romanian and Hungarian.

A must is the 16th-century St. Michael's Church, a magnificent totally wooden church, built in a traditional Lemko architectural style, St. Michael's Church was originally located in Shelestovo, then was relocated to Mukachevo, and finally to the museum in Uzhgorod. The goal of the museum is show the lifestyle of the west-Ukrainian people in the past.

Address: 33a Kapitulna Street, Uzhhorod
Telephone: +380 (312) 236 352

Uzhhorod Synagogue Uzhhorod Synagogue
The former Uzhhorod Synagogue is a huge, red building with some arches and stunning ornaments built in 1910 by leading Austro-Hungarian architects Ludwig Förster and Frigyes Feszl. It is located between the pedestrian bridge and the castle and is easy to observe from the right bank and from Fentsika Square.

Nowadays, the structure houses the Oblasna Filharmonika (Regional Philharmonic Society) of Uzhhorod and serves as concert hall. All Jewish symbols in the building have been removed.

Address: Pl Teatralna, Uzhhorod
Telephone: +380 (312) 233 238

Nevitsky Castle Nevitsky Castle
Nevitsky Castle is located 12 kilometres from the city of Uzhhorod. The castle, situated at the left bank of Uzh River, was built in the early 13th century as the powerful residence of the Drugeth family. Nowadays, this medieval castle is in regular condition, waiting an extensive restoration. The newlyweds like to visit the Nevitsky Castle because a legend says that, in medieval times, a princess was hidden behind the walls of the castle by order of his father who was against her love with a young man.

Uzhhorod Downtown Old Downtown
The historic city centre, on the banks of the Uzh River, is the heart of Uzhhorod, the area is pedestrian only fulfil with boutiques, restaurants, cafes, bars, and trading centres.

The downtown features many cathedrals and churches including the Kafedralnii Sobor (Cathedral), formerly a Jesuit monastery and now a Ukrainian Catholic church, near is located the Library of the Uzhhorod National University which houses valuable historic manuscripts. You can visit the Ukrainian Drama Theatre and the Puppet Theatre as well as the City Picture Gallery which contains a great collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Elevation of the Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Elevation of the Cross
Uzhhorod is home of many interesting religious buildings one of them is the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Kafedralnii Sobor), this impressive twin-towered 17th century Cathedral stands a few hundred meters away from the city centre. It was built in 1646 as part of a Jesuits Order monastery complex, in 1773 the edifice was turned into a Greek-Catholic and became Cathedral, during the Soviet Period it was transformed into a Russian-Orthodox and today it is a Ukrainian Catholic cathedral.

In 1812, one of the towers was broken down by storm then the second tower was demolished following a bishop's order; the towers were reconstructed later.

Mukachevo Castle Mukachevo
Mukachevo is located to the South East of Uzhhorod; it was built as a Slavic settlement in the 9th century. The Palanok Castle is a must when visiting Mukachevo, it is known as one of the most fortified castle in Europe; The castle was originally built as a monastery in 1393, then was the home of Koriatovych family for approximately 200 years, later it was used as a prison for political offenders, and as an agricultural college, now Palanok Castle serves a museum. Another place of interest is a running Orthodox Convent dating back to the 11th century.

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