Ukraine travel guide



Ukraine Travel Guide

When to go to Ukraine

The best time to visit Ukraine depends on your interests. Ukraine has a pleasantly temperate continental climate, excepting Southern Crimea where the climate is subtropical. The winters are severe but the summers and springs are warm; the Carpathian climate is mild with temperate winter and rainy summer.

Summer in Ukraine

Summer in Ukraine is a great time, one of the main cultural highlights of Ukraine are the colourful festivals that take place in the summer. During this season the beaches of Crimea and Odesa are crowded with sunbathers and swimmers, in Odesa, the climate can vary expect beautiful sunny days followed by cloudy days. Average summer temperature is from +18° to +25° C (from +64.4° F to +77° F), though maximum temperature can be more than +35° C (+95° F). When the sun is out it can be very hot, humidity is low. You will need comfortable clothes such as jackets, shorts and T-shirts as well as comfortable walking shoes or sandals. Remind to bring a good hat to keep the sun off and an umbrella for when it rains.

Winter in Ukraine

Winter in Ukraine can be harsh and snowy for most visitors, heavy-weight clothes such as a heavy coat, warm hat, and warm, waterproof boots with good traction are required. During this season the Carpathian Mountains offers a few great value skiing resorts within them, good hiking boots or shoes are recommended for trips into this area. Average winter temperature is from -8° to -16° C (from +17.6° F to +3° F). The temperature in the southern regions approaches 0° C (+32° F).

Spring is the time when the weather’s beautiful and the countryside in full bloom, the Dnepr River is sky-blue and looks gorgeous. Autumns are crisp and sunny. Medium-weight clothes are needed in the spring and autumn.

From late April to early June the climate is warm but not very hot everything is in bloom and the sun isn’t too hot; from May to September temperatures are 10° - 21° C (50° - 70° F); from September and early October the temperatures are also very enjoyable. Short thunderstorms and heat are common in July and August. Rain is frequent in late October and November, and snowfall starts since December through March.

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