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Yalta Travel Guide

Yalta Travel Guide

Yalta, one of the most fascinating cities in Ukraine, is a resort town located on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula in southern Ukraine, geographically situated on a deep bay facing south towards the Black Sea and surrounded by wooded mountains.

Note that there are two “Yaltas”: Yalta City which is Yalta itself and Bolshaya Yalta (Big Yalta) which includes the Black Sea shore from the village of Foros in the west to Krasnokamenka in the East and is about 70 km in length.

Yalta is a land blessed with many types of attractions including their lush green landscape, historical monuments, mild climate, and rugged beaches.

Yalta has a beautiful embankment along the Black Sea; it is Yalta’s main thoroughfare and the centre of all activities.

The Vorontsovsky Palace, located in a 100-acre park and designed by English architect Edward Blore, is a remarkable piece of architecture not to be missed, other must is the Swallow’s Nest, a decorative castle perched on the edge of the Aurora cliff overlooking the sea. Just outside Yalta is the Nikitsky Botanical Garden which boast 50 000 species of plants. The Alexander Pushkin’s cottage and museum in Gurzuf and the Lesya Ukrainka Literature-Memorial Museum are other interesting sights in Yalta.

Architectural attractions include the Church of the Immaculate Conception (built in 1898-1906), Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (built in 1891-1902), Moresque palace of the Bukhara Emir which is now Yalta Sanatorium and the pedestrian Pushkinska Street.

The house where the renowned writer Anton Chekhov lived for five years has been turned into a museum. Another known writer who spent time in Yalta during his youth was Mark Twain.

Yalta enjoys a warm climate similar to the Mediterranean, protected from the north by the mountains and warmed by the Black Sea. The average annual temperature is +13.2°C and the humidity is moderate. In summer months Yalta can get very crowded; in autumns the weather usually is warm and pleasant. Winters are not as cold as the rest of Ukraine.

There is no airport in Yalta, you must fly to the regional capital of Simferopol and then take a car into Yalta. Yalta is 79km south from Simferopol. You should take the Crimean Trolleybus line which departs from the Simferopol train station via Alushta to Yalta; this is the longest trolleybus route in the world. Additionally, you can take a train from Odesa (12 hours) or from Kyiv (18 hours) to reach Yalta.

Yalta is visited by a large number of tourists; most of them are Ukrainian, Russian and German. The crime rate is low compared to the west, Yalta is a safe place for tourists while they follow their common sense.

The city has several movie theatres, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, as well as large open-air markets. There are a great number of stores that accept credit cards; ATM machines are also widely available. Yalta is one of the most expensive cities in Ukraine, the average prices are close to Western standards.

English is not widely spoken in Crimea, but it is understood by most young people. Russian is the main language spoken, as well as Ukrainian and Tatar.

At eating time remember that the local Crimean Tatar cuisine is both inexpensive and delicious.

Yalta telephone code is +380 654

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