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Getting Around Yalta

Getting around Yalta There are plenty of ways to get around Yalta; you can travel by trolleybus, minibus, taxi, hiring a car or using your own car.

Most people use the local Marshrutka (minibuses), they are very cheap and there are literally thousands of them so you're unlikely to have to wait long, the fare depends on the long of the route.

Taxis are everywhere in Yalta, some are metered others donít, for tourists the fare goes up, but it is still very reasonable. Negotiate a price or find another until you get a fair price. You can hire cars from Rental Car companies and some of the larger hotels; you will need a valid international driving license. Traffic in the summer months is heavy.

There are excursion buses offering a guided tour visiting the main attractions of the city. You can also take a ferry and visit some beaches or the famous Swallow's Nest.

The centre of Yalta and the embankment are great places to walk around.

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