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Eating and Drinking in Yalta

Eating and Drinking in Yalta There are many restaurants serving different kinds of cuisines available in Yalta, you will find restaurants and cafes catering every conceivable taste and budget, if you are looking a good selection of food at reasonable prices try the cafes at the main market (Ovoshnoi Reenuk). There are plenty of all-night food shops, so don’t worry if you get hungry at early hours in the morning. If you want cook your own food, there are plenty of well-stocked food supermarkets (like Gastronom) where you can buy things such as vegetables, groceries, bottled drinks, paper, and more.

Crimean food is exquisite, delicious and very varied (it reflects the influences of Ukrainian, Russian, and Tatar cuisines). Apart from restaurants serving Crimean-style dishes, there are others serving Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, or Tatar food. Try some local Tatar specialties such as Chebureki (half-moon shaped meat pies, usually filled with lamb or beef), Manti (steamed lamb-filled dumplings), Ljulja-kebab and Shashlik. There are also lots of restaurants serving tasty seafood and fish dishes. If you want something more common there are also many Chinese restaurants or even a McDonalds.

About the drinks, Yalta is placed in a popular wine producing area so local wines are therefore worth trying;, the regional specialty are wines such as Madeira, Muscat, Sauvignon, Cabernet, and Portwine, you will find also Georgian wines which are delicious too.

Beers in Yalta are outstanding and cheap, the most important beers brands are present here, including the prize-winning lagers Obolon and Slavutych and the Belgian Stella Artois. You will find a great selection of Vodka and Cognac at really reasonable prices. Bottled water and fruit juices are widely available also.

When visiting a beach, try a delicious ice cream called molochnoye (“made of milk”).

The next is a list of some eating places in Yalta:

Restaurant Name
Zolotoe Runo (Golden Fleece) Lenina str., 8 +38 (0654) 317 515
Mirazh Str..Kievskaya, 6 +38 (0654) 320 202
Gourmet Lenin embankment, 11 +38 (0654) 320 306, 326 051
Byely Lyev (White Lion) Lenin embankment, 31-a +38 (0654) 327 736
Swallow’s Nest Haspra, care Ai-Todor +38 (0654) 247 571, 323 900
Riviera Chinatown Yalta, Lenina Str. 35/2 +38 (0654) 274 258
Siam Paradise Yalta, Drazhinski Str. 31 +38 (0654) 271 883
Old Baku Yalta, Sadova Str. 5 +38 (0654) 325 503

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