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Getting Yalta

Yalta is a small city; there is neither train station nor airport here, so the best way to get there is to get Simferopol first.

Getting Yalta By Air By Air
The quickest ways to reach Yalta is first travelling by air to Simferopol and then take a trolleybus or a minibus to Yalta. Flights from Kyiv (Boryspil International Airport or Kiev International Airport) to Simferopol are 7 days a week all the year round; you can fly to Simferopol from the Ukrainian Capital on Aerosvit or Ukraine Airlines. It is possible to fly to Istanbul and then fly across the Black Sea to Simferopol via Turkish Airlines. There are a number of airlines that fly directly to Simferopol from Frankfurt, Germany.

Getting Yalta By Rail By Rail
You can take a train from Kyiv to Simferopol, much economic than flying and opportune if you have enough time to enjoy the scenic beauty of Ukraine. The train trip takes about a day; your best bet is to get a sleeper leaving Kyiv at around 5pm, arriving in Simferopol the next morning. There is a restaurant carriage that serves meals at any time. Make sure you buy the train tickets in advance, particularly in summer season when demand is high and trains are frequently full. A 1st class train ticket will give you a 2-berth compartment, 2nd class means a 4-berth compartment, 3rd class means open berths in a 54-seater carriage.

Opportunely, there is a ticket office in Yalta, where you can acquire train tickets for trips from Simferopol.

Getting Yalta From Simferopol From Simferopol to Yalta
From Simferopol (the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) you can go the scenic way on the Crimean Trolleybus to Yalta (the longest trolleybus line in the world with 86 kilometres or 54 miles long), travel time is about 3 hours and you will get breathtaking views of the mountains. However, if you want to reach Yalta quickly, you can also take a mini bus which is more comfortable but a bit more expensive, travel time is about two hours; buses depart each half-hour to hour. The most expensive and quick way to get Yalta is by taxi.

Yalta Main Bus Station
Address: vul Moskovskaya 8
Telephone: +38 (0654) 325 777, +38 (0654) 342 092

Additionally, there are some international cruise ships that stop in Yalta on their way around the Black Sea.

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